5 Window Maintenance Tips

5 Window Maintenance Tips

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The windows of a building can make a huge difference in both style and functionality. From energy efficiency to protecting the interior from the elements, a window that performs well is essential to daily life. With time though, windows can often wear and shift as the building settles, which is why conducting regular window maintenance is essential. By taking a few easy window maintenance steps regularly, you can ensure that your windows stay in peak condition.

Start Window Maintenance with an Inspection

Every year, you should make time to conduct home maintenance tasks and that includes starting window maintenance with an inspection. Starting with a window review is crucial so that you can figure out what steps, if any, need to be taken to help your windows look and work their best.

It is recommended that you check your windows every year to look for areas that need a little work. When inspecting, keep an eye out for leaks, cracks in the material, chipping paint, cracks in the sealant, sticking window tracks, and locks that are tough to open or close. Being able to identify the parts of your windows that need work will be vital to take the next steps when fixing up your windows.

Caulk Windows for a Watertight Seal

Water damage, even if it is just a small leak, can be costly. If you notice that you have a leak, it will be in your best interest to re-caulk your seal to keep the water out and prevent damage. Take special care when checking around the areas that are more prone to sealant problems, the bottom corners, and in between windows, as this will be where you more than likely will find places that need window maintenance.

Clean the Window Tracks

Maintaining your window tracks is a key part of window maintenance. As the part that allows windows to open and close, you will want that process to go as smooth as possible, so you don’t have to struggle with a sticky window. Regularly cleaning away any dirt or debris with a dry rag or brush will help your windows open and close smoothly. For more stubborn spots, a little water and soap will do the trick to get your window tracks sliding like new.

Check the Locks

One of the most common ways that intruders enter a home is through first-floor windows. Most often, intruders will take advantage of windows or doors that are simply unlocked, so taking care of window locks is critical to safety and security in your home. Ensure that your lock latches can easily open and close from the inside and that they properly function to secure the windows shut.

Consider an Upgrade

Even with regular upkeep, there is always more that you can do to enhance your home’s security, looks, and improve its energy efficiency. Crimsafe Security Screens offer a wide variety of benefits to windows of all shapes and sizes. Our security screens help to secure homes from intruders, offer protection from the elements, and regulate energy efficiency all while bringing a sleek style to your house.  With a little regular window maintenance and a Crimsafe upgrade, you can help keep your windows looking and performing their best for years to come. Contact one of our dealers today and discover the difference that Crimsafe can make to your home!