Top 3 Most Vulnerable Entry Points

4 minutes read

When burglars are making plans to enter a home, they will often gain access through specific entry points. Identifying these places can help homeowners take preemptive action to keep their homes safe and secure. Identifying the most vulnerable entry points can differ by the type of living space. However, there are a few common entry points that burglars will use to enter homes.

1. Doors

The entry point that we use daily is also one the criminals can use most often. Break-ins through doors are typically not forced. They usually occur when a hidden key is left lying around or when the door hasn’t been locked. According to ADT, approximately 34% of burglars enter through the front door of a home, while 22% enter a home through the back door, making this the most common entry point for intruders. Dog doors can also be a way for burglars to make their way into your home if the door is large enough.

To help secure your home, remember to always lock your doors before leaving. Home security additions such as security screens or keyless door locks can make protecting your home easier, while also adding value. When it comes to your dog door, there are various options that you can use to keep your home secure from burglars. Advances in technology have allowed for the use of self-latching dog doors that only open when the sensor on your pet’s collar is close to the door.

2. Windows

Windows on the first floor are the next most common entry point for burglars trying to enter a home. Burglars will also use windows as a way to investigate what items of value may be in your home and make plans for their entry. Like doors, if left unlocked, a window can provide easy access to the interior of your home. Glass is also easy to break open, allowing burglars to unlock the window and then come into the house.

To keep your windows secure, just like doors, remember to lock your windows. Adding a security screen can also make entry more difficult for potential burglars. Keeping items of value out of view from windows makes it more difficult for intruders to know what’s inside.

3. Garages

Garages are another common entry point for unwanted guests. Most people would consider their garage door secure, but they are actually pretty easy to get into. Whether the garage was left open on accident or broken into, it can then lead to entry to your home because the door to the house probably wasn’t locked.

There are a few options that can be added to a garage to help make it more secure. Like other entry points, make sure the door from the garage to your home is locked at night or when you are not home. Removing the cord from the garage release lever can make it more difficult for someone to break into. Installing motion sensor lights outside of your garage can make it more difficult for intruders to hide while breaking in. The addition of a garage shield can stop them from releasing the garage latch.

Protecting your home is something that you shouldn’t have to worry about constantly. Knowing the most common entry points to a house can help you make plans to keep your living space safe. At Crimsafe, we are proud of the security and protection that our security screens provide for doors and windows. We know that the Tensile-Tuff 304 structural-grade stainless steel mesh on all of our security screens will keep your home and those in it safe after our extensive testing. Request a quote today and find out how you can keep your entry points secured from unwanted intruders.