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Redefines security screens by offering superior strength, versatility and architectural engineering.

Crimsafe Ultimate's incredible strength is achieved through uniquely engineered features, including Screw-Clamp™ technology that secures the 304 structural grade mesh to the frame with a vice-like grip. Crimsafe Ultimate is up to 40% stronger than Crimsafe Regular and is available in the widest variety of products to suit your home's security needs.

security mesh


Crimsafe Ultimate uses 0.9mm Tensile-Tuff® 304 structural grade mesh which is 26.5% thicker than typical stainless steel mesh

Screw Clamp

Crimsafe's unique Screw-Clamp™ technology secures the mesh to the frame using a vice-like grip that tightens upon impact.

Tamper resistant screws

Utilizes twice as many screws as Crimsafe Regular, concealed within the fastening system for greater stability and strength.


Can withstand up to 553 foot-pounds of force.*

Locking Points

3 secure points where the door locks into the frame


10-year Warranty as standard.

Price Range


*Singular impact test

Safety, security, and so much more

Fresh air and breezes

Now you can enjoy a superior level of security without blocking out the fresh air and breezes.

Insect protection

Ordinary fly screens only keep out the bugs. Crimsafe keeps out both insects and intruders.

Unhindered views

Crimsafe's unique Screw-Clamp™ technology means no unsightly iron doors or burglar bars to restrict your views.

Choose a color to match your style

Crimsafe products come in three colors to best match your home’s look and feel.

* Colors are an indication only and may appear slightly different on screen, compared to the actual powder coated colors.

Endless design possibilities

Crimsafe (Regular) French Door
Crimsafe Regular Fixed Window
Crimsafe Regular Fixed Window
Crimsafe Regular Sliding Window
Crimsafe Regular Hinged Window
Crimsafe Regular Safe-S-Cape
Crimsafe Regular Safe-S-Cape
Sliding door with Crimsafe Regular screens
Crimsafe Regular Safe-S-S-Cape
Front Door Interior (Hinged Door)
Front Door Exterior
Kedron House Laundry Interior
Ultimate Bi-Fold Patio Enclosure
Crimsafe (Ultimate) Bi-fold-Doors
Crimsafe (Ultimate) French Doors
Patio Enclosures (Ultimate)
Crimsafe Ultimate_Sliding Doors
Crimsafe Ultimate Sliding Doors
Crimsafe Ultimate Fixed Window Exterior
Crimsafe Ultimate Bi-Fold Doors
Crimsafe Ultimate Sliding Doors
Crimsafe Ultimate Fixed Window Interior
Front entry door with Crimsafe iQ
open front entry door with Crimsafe iQ
handle on Crimsafe iQ door
hinges on Crimsafe iQ door
Anti lift pin on iQ doors
Smart panel on Crimsafe iQ door
Crimsafe iQ door lock
Crimsafe iQ pin pad detail
Garage & Storage areas (interior)
Hinged Door External

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