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A strong and smart mesh security screen door

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Unrivaled protection for your family, home or business

Introducing a strong and smart mesh security screen door. Reinforced with heavy-duty hinges, more locking points and a wider, stronger frame, Crimsafe iQ is the only mesh security screen door in the Crimsafe range to pass the European RC2 Test.

Locking options

Choose from your choice of mechanical (iQ-m) or electronic (iQ-e) locking options to provide maximum security and convenience. Electronic options include keypad, Bluetooth and key fob.

Heavy-duty hinges

Added security of anti-crowbar, heavy-duty hinges, anti-lift pins, and a wider, stronger frame.

Tamper resistant screws

Utilizes twice as many screws as Crimsafe Regular, concealed within the fastening system for greater stability and strength.


Can withstand 553 foot-pounds of impact*

Locking Points

6 or 10 locking points


10-year Warranty as standard.

Price Range


*Singular impact test

Safety, security, and so much more

Fresh air and breezes

Enjoy the highest level of security without blocking out the fresh air and breezes.

Insect protection

Ordinary flys creens only keep out the bugs. Crimsafe keeps out both insects and intruders.

Unhindered views

Crimsafe's unique Screw-Clamp™ technology means no unsightly iron doors or burglar bars to restrict your views.

Choose a color to match your style

Choose from 3 colors to best suit your home’s look and feel

* Colors are an indication only and may appear slightly different on screen, compared to the actual powder coated colors.

Endless design possibilities

Crimsafe (Regular) French Door
Crimsafe Regular Fixed Window
Crimsafe Regular Fixed Window
Crimsafe Regular Sliding Window
Crimsafe Regular Hinged Window
Crimsafe Regular Safe-S-Cape
Crimsafe Regular Safe-S-Cape
Sliding door with Crimsafe Regular screens
Crimsafe Regular Safe-S-S-Cape
Front Door Interior (Hinged Door)
Front Door Exterior
Kedron House Laundry Interior
Ultimate Bi-Fold Patio Enclosure
Crimsafe (Ultimate) Bi-fold-Doors
Crimsafe (Ultimate) French Doors
Patio Enclosures (Ultimate)
Crimsafe Ultimate_Sliding Doors
Crimsafe Ultimate Sliding Doors
Crimsafe Ultimate Fixed Window Exterior
Crimsafe Ultimate Bi-Fold Doors
Crimsafe Ultimate Sliding Doors
Crimsafe Ultimate Fixed Window Interior
Front entry door with Crimsafe iQ
open front entry door with Crimsafe iQ
handle on Crimsafe iQ door
hinges on Crimsafe iQ door
Anti lift pin on iQ doors
Smart panel on Crimsafe iQ door
Crimsafe iQ door lock
Crimsafe iQ pin pad detail
Garage & Storage areas (interior)
Hinged Door External

What people say about Crimsafe

Based on 33 reviews
Mimmie W
Mimmie W
Katrina and James are excellent from project start to finish. Even with Covid, their service and responsiveness has been flawless. Update: 2024 Repeat customer and still pleased with their customer service and professional installation.
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen
Product is excellent and a great alternative to burglar bars. When the weather cools down, it's awesome to be able to open the front door and back door and let the air flow through the house without worrying about someone breaking in. The staff at Ideal Security is excellent from start to finish.
Val Sanders
Val Sanders
I love my Crimsafe window and door screens! The Crimsafe Houston staff was professional and timely! I got screens for 3 windows and 2 doors! I did my research before I called for the in-home presentation because I knew it was a big investment. In addition to the security feature I was seeking Katrina shared with me the solar energy and hurricane features of the screens. The installers went over and above when they uncovered a glitch when installing one of my doors. They had to build a new door frame. Shay and Dillion went to the warehouse and got the materials to build the frame and didn’t charge me anything extra! I highly recommend Crimsafe Houston for your security screens! They are worth every penny!
Krystin Salome
Krystin Salome
These screens are amazing, and the company was great to work with. Very professional, and did a quality install job. Not cheap screens, but they are so much more than screens. We installed on our raised back deck and it allowed us to avoid handrails to get great views. The back deck is our favorite room of the house now!
Naveed Afroze
Naveed Afroze
Amazing Service and Great Product!!!! My search for a solid home security system led to CrimSafe and I started communicating with Katrina, what an amazing professional she is. It is not a cheap product but it is very sturdy and looks beautiful once installed. Katrina and James both provided a amazing service they communicated very well and helped with the HOA approval as well. The best thing about them is they are very empathetic and understand it is expensive product, they took time to answer all our questions and never were pushy. The install went as committed (which is rare thing under the current circumstances) and they did an excellent job. They were very detailed in their install, never rushed and cleaned up very well after them. I am a very satisfied customer and want to thank Katrina and James for amazing service and great product.
Joe Giles
Joe Giles
They replaced two standard Home Depot security doors with two custom Crimsafe doors that now gives my home a better appearance.
Spencer Curry
Spencer Curry
Could not be happier. My house was getting pelted by golf balls and 6 busted windows later I found this solution. My anxiety levels are now down knowing I won’t have to deal with golfers grenadine my windows any longer and damaging my property. The team at Crimsafe walked me through their process and were open communicators the entire time!

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