5 Tips to Secure Your Front Door

5 Tips to Secure Your Front Door

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Your front door can say a lot about your home. It can reflect your style and enhance your house’s curb appeal, but it is also one of the most common entry points for burglars. Although some burglars are professionals, most will just take advantage of an opportunity to easily enter your home. We’ve put together five tips you can use to help secure your front door and keep thieves entering your home.

Know the Core of Your Front Door

When thinking about your home’s safety and security, it is important to consider what your front door is made of and whether the core is solid or hollow. Metal and solid wood doors will be sturdier than their hollow counterparts. This means that it will be more difficult for any possible intruders to break it down. Besides providing better security, a solid door offers several other benefits, such as insulation and sound-dampening. With a variety of options, you won’t have to sacrifice style for safety.

Add a Deadbolt Lock

While deadbolts have become more common in newer homes, there are still many doors that don’t have this excellent option for securing any door. There are many different types of locks that you could install on a front door, but deadbolts are the most secure and cost-effective option. With single- and double-cylinder options, a deadbolt will extend into the door jamb and strike-plate of a door frame to help secure your home. It’s also essential to ensure that the bolt extends far enough into the door frame for optimal security.

Install a Peephole

It’s always a good idea not to open the door for strangers. Some people may check through windows or slightly open their front door to see who is knocking, but those options can lead to unwanted situations. Adding a peephole that preferably shows wide angles will allow you to see who might be at your door without compromising your security. Wide-angle peepholes also offer the benefit of seeing if there are any additional strangers or if they might have any tools on them. Technology has also made improvements to the standard peephole. With internet connectivity and cameras, you can see your front door from wherever you may be, as well as record anyone who rings your bell.

Light Up Your Porch

While this may not improve the front door itself, having a well-lit entry can be an effective way to deter possible intruders. While motion-detecting security lights will more actively alert the household of outdoor activity, simply having porch lights turned on can let burglars know someone is home. Having a well-lit entryway can also help any neighbors or people passing by see any kind of suspicious activity outside of your home.

Install a Security Screen

A good and sturdy security screen can make a huge difference in securing your front door. When choosing an option, it is important to consider the strength of the frame and the screen mesh. Not all security screens are created equally, which is why it is important to do your research when choosing one to protect your family. In addition to a screen door’s security benefits, they can also offer benefits such as airflow and pest prevention.

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