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Should you invest in Hurricane Protection?

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Hurricanes and other storms can have a devastating impact on those that live in areas prone to these natural events. While changing or controlling nature isn’t something that we can do, we can take preemptive measures to minimize damage until the storm passes. To truly understand why hurricane protection is so important, it is vital to understand these events and the impact hurricanes and storms can have.

How Are Storms Categorized?

Hurricanes are categorized according to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale which places storms in a category between 1 and 5 based on wind speed. Using this scale, scientists can estimate the potential danger and damage that can come from hurricanes, and citizens can prepare for inclement weather.

Each category has a wind speed range that is used to identify where a storm will fall on the scale:

  • Category 1 Hurricanes – Winds between 74 – 95 mph
  • Category 2 Hurricanes – Winds between 96 – 110 mph
  • Category 3 Hurricanes – Winds between 111 – 129 mph
  • Category 4 Hurricanes – Winds between 130 – 156 mph
  • Category 5 Hurricanes – Winds 157 mph or higher

While storms categorized at level 3 and higher are typically considered more dangerous and are major hurricanes, it is important to remember that a hurricane of any category can cause damage and be dangerous.

The Impact of Hurricanes

When hurricanes approach and make landfall, they affect the lives of the people that live in the area in many ways. Leading up to the storm, residents will begin preparing to either weather the storm or evacuate. During this time, we often see a scarcity of supplies as people attempt to gather the items they need for themselves and their loved ones. While this is an adjacent result of incoming storms, by planning ahead for a hurricane, we can better ensure that when the time comes we have the supplies that we need.

A lack of supplies is only the beginning, as a hurricane reaches the coast and begins to make its way across the land, we see the greater impact that hurricanes have on our communities. Hurricane Katrina, for example, directly affected over 15 million people in an area of around 90,000 square miles.

In property damage alone, Hurricane Katrina reached over $81 billion contributing to the overall damage totaling over $150 billion, making this hurricane the most expensive hurricane to affect the United States. This is just one example of the impact a hurricane can have. While other hurricanes may be considered a lower category than Katrina, there are still an average of 1 – 2 hurricanes that hit the United States every year that cause damage to homes and businesses.

How Can You Protect Your Property?

Hurricanes can cause damage to property in a variety of ways. From water damage to wind-blown debris, there are many ways that these storms can cause harm if we aren’t properly prepared. Water damage often comes because of the heavy rains and floodwater associated with hurricanes. Before the storm hits, take some time to ensure your roof is ready and leak-proof, and pick up a few sandbags to block any gaps that could lead to flooding.

The wind is the other major contributor to damage from hurricanes. As hurricanes are categorized by their wind speed, it is understandable how wind can lead to damaged properties. Whether it’s uprooted trees or wind-blown debris, you will want to do what you can to prevent as much damage as possible.

If you know a storm is coming, take the time to trim down any trees with branches that could be torn off by the wind. This will reduce the potential of these branches hitting your home. Adding an extra layer of protection to the vulnerable parts of your home, like doors and windows, is also a key part of preparing your home for coming hurricanes.

Weather the Storm with Crimsafe

There are many options for hurricane protection, but they aren’t all built equally. When choosing how to protect your home, make sure that you go with the option that will do the job when you need it the most. Crimsafe Security and Storm Screens are built and tested to protect your home from all manner of windblown debris that a hurricane might throw your way. Crimsafe Screens don’t stop there though! With a myriad of other benefits, Crimsafe will protect your home or business from storms, intruders, or pests 24/7.

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