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Crimsafe North America is now expanding internationally and looking to add Dealers and Licensed Fabricators throughout North America. Join one of the fastest growing segments of the home improvement industry; home security and hurricane protection. Crimsafe offers eye appealing woven mesh security screens and doors made with 304 grade hi-tensile stainless steel. This mesh is anchored with a sleek structural grade aluminum frame with an internationally patented screw clamp design. Demand for these products increases every year as crime continues to rise and homeowners face increased concerns with safety and home protection.

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Featured Products

In the Crimsafe Ultimate range, we’ve evolved the benefits of regular Crimsafe security screens to the next level – delivering ultimate security, ultimate flexibility and the ultimate in good looks.

Crimsafe Ultimate screens are 40% stronger than our regular product and seven times stronger than the impact level required by the most standards.


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Crimsafe security screen doors come in a wide range of styles to suit any home décor.
Crimsafe screen doors are custom-made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit even if your door opening is not completely square.

For extra wide openings, Crimsafe can provide double or triple sliding screen doors, or bi-fold or stacking doors for a different, stylish look.


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Crimsafe security screens for windows can be made for all shapes, sizes and configurations.

Crimsafe window security screens are custom-made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit even if your window opening is not completely square.


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We love spending time outdoors and for many of us, an outdoor entertaining area is a must.

Home owners and builders are using Crimsafe to protect patios, courtyards, rooftop entertaining areas, pools and balconies, making the most of outdoor living space.


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We experience a wide range of harsh weather conditions. Storms, hurricanes and brushfires are regular occurrences that can wreak havoc on homes and businesses.

Crimsafe has developed specialty products to provide brushfire and hurricane protection.


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Crimsafe Strength Test


Watch what happened when we tested Crimsafe Ultimate, not only against a competitor’s screen, but also against a 3 ton truck. Learn more about the Crimsafe Ultimate range.


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Case Study

Crimsafe the Ultimate Screen

Lakeland, FL -Crimsafe, the leading manufacturer of high strength stainless steel storm and security screen products tor windows and doors, is promoting yet another benefit of its security screens to home-owners seeking an aesthetically leasing solution to torn screens, destroyed by their oars and dogs. A clog trying to get outdoors will often try to break through o screen that affords a view, and smell, of what’s outside.

Exterior image of Crimsafe screen door showing a couple preparing food in the kitchen

The Crimsafe Difference

Tensile-Tuff® mesh

At 0.9mm in diameter, Crimsafe’s 304 grade tensile stainless steel mesh is up to 26% thicker than most other mesh products on the market, making it harder to cut or penetrate..

Screw-Clamp™ technology

The mechanical fastening of Crimsafe screw-clamps to the mesh resist the tendency of the mesh to be pulled out of the frame. This is what gives Crimsafe the strength to withstand enormous forces and impacts

ore tamper resistant screws

Twice as many tamper-resistant screws as our regular product, fastening the mesh to the frame at more frequent intervals. A clip-on cover then creates a sealed chamber that conceals and further protects the screws.