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What are Crimsafe Security Screens?

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Crimsafe Security and Storm Screens took America by storm when they came to the country in 2009. Originally from Australia, these one-of-a-kind security and storm screens have served to secure, protect, and enhance the lives of home and business owners. How does Crimsafe do it all? It all boils down to the product features that make up our security and storm screens and how we put them together.

304-Grade Stainless-Steel Mesh

Each of our security and storms screens uses our Tensile-Tuff, stainless-steel mesh to ensure they have the strength needed to protect you and your loved ones. The key is the 304-grade stainless steel we use. 304-grade stainless steel provides wires for the mesh that have a higher tensile strength and hardness than other stainless steel, and when powder coated, withstands corrosion from the elements.

The mesh that makes up our screens plays a pivotal role in many of the benefits that Crimsafe brings to your home or business. Every mesh screen is engineered out of 0.9mm stainless-steel wires that are woven together to form squares that are only 1.5mm wide and high. Between the size of the wire and the method in which the mesh is woven, our screens become stronger than the competition without compromising the visibility through the screen. These factors also play a significant role in keeping tiny pests like flies and mosquitoes from entering your space.

Patented Screw-Clamp™

The muscle inside the frame of all Crimsafe Screens is our unique screw-clamp technology. This proprietary tech secures the mesh to the frame and is the brains behind the strength of the screen.  The clamp uses a unique “hook” feature that interlocks into each panel and framing member that holds the screen in place. This hook system keeps the mesh in place, and when force is applied, it distributes impact throughout the frame.

Securing the screen is just one of the unique aspects of our screw-clamp system. Another is the screws that we use to fasten the clamp in place. The Crimsafe team developed a unique screw shape that ensures an additional layer of security for every screen we build. By creating our own screws and drivers that aren’t sold outside of Crimsafe Dealers, customers can feel more secure knowing their security screens can’t be easily removed or tampered with.

Aluminum Alloy Frame

While strength and security are common features across Crimsafe products, you can’t forget how your security and storm screen will look on your home or business. The aluminum frames of every Crimsafe Security and Storm Screen are measured and custom-built to perfectly fit the doors and windows of your home. Available in a variety of colors, you can choose the frame that will look the best on your home without having to make a compromise on strength or security.

Crimsafe Hardware

The big parts aren’t the only pieces making a difference in Crimsafe Security and Storm Screens. Every component of our security screens plays a key role in ensuring the protection of your home or business. From the stainless-steel hinges that secure our screen doors in place to the three-point parrot-beak locks that provide more security than a deadbolt lock, every piece of hardware makes a difference.

Live Life with Crimsafe

From doors to windows, Crimsafe products with all the features to help you and your loved ones feel safe and protected are available. As the strongest security and storm screen on the market, our screens endure hours of testing to guarantee they will stand up to anything that is thrown their way. Tested and tried, you can rest easy enjoying all the benefits of Crimsafe and our product features without worry.

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