How to Install a Security Screen Door

How to Install a Security Screen Door

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How to Install a Security Screen Door with Crimsafe

If you live in a place where it’s hot almost all year – the smart decision would be to invest in a screen door. Screen doors are great for ventilation, but they have various other uses too. If you’re hesitant about opening your door because of intruders, a security screen door is a great option. Whether you install the door yourself or ask a professional to do it, it is essential to know the installation process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can install a security screen door in your home.


Get the Right Screen Door

Before getting a new screen door for your home, make sure to measure your doorway frame. Screen doors come in various sizes, colors, types and styles. It is better to consult a professional before making any major decisions when you install a security screen door. The door has to be the right size and the right style so that it fits with your home décor.


Read the Instructions

This step is quite important, and you can’t skip it if you’re installing the door yourself. Keep in mind to read the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly before starting the installation process. It is a better idea to take out all the screws and divide them according to their type to see where they will fit into the door.


Install the Handles, Locks, and Hinges

Attach both the backing plates to your door once you know where the handles and locks will go. The next step is to place the locking lever and inside handle into the interior backing plate. After that, you should fit the handle assembly and backing plate on the lock body. Do the same thing with the exterior backing plate and tighten them with screws. To install the hinges, all you have to do is screw them in the door. Before doing that, make measurements that will make your work more accurate.


Install the Door

You will need manual help while you’re installing the door. Another individual will have to hold the security screen door up while you put it in the doorway. Start with drilling the top hole of the top hole and go all the way to the molding. Make sure you drill until you reach the bottom hole of the bottom hinge. To make certain that you’ve done a substantial job, try swinging the door to see if it’s swinging evenly.


The Header and Expander Piece

The header piece is supposed to be installed above the screen door. By this time, you have already drilled holes through the header piece so it will be quite easy to tell where the screws will fit. Always make certain to use a screwdriver when you’re fitting in the screws. The expander will prevent debris from collecting under the door. When the door is open, simply slide the expander piece across the bottom of the door.


Installing a security screen door correctly is essential to the effectiveness of its protection. It can be time-consuming and frustrating, but if you have the right tools, the patience, and the manpower, follow these steps for a sure fit. Visit our website to learn more or to find a professional installer.