Security Window Bars are a Thing of the Past

Security With a View: Why Security Window Bars are a Thing of The Past

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For decades, conventional wisdom has dictated that a window is not truly safe from intruders without security bars over it—this has been treated as especially true in cities and on ground floors. While it’s true that securing windows is wise, it is untrue that bars are the only or best option to do it. Security window bars may have been the best option for protecting homes in the old days, but today there is no need to turn a living room into a prison cell in order to feel safe.

We understand that it’s hard to feel relaxed if safety is in question, but instead of obstructing the view from the windows, why not let security and aesthetics work together? This is possible when a person chooses security screens over security window bars to protect one of the weak spots of their home.


Security Mesh Screens

Security screens offer the same sort of protection as security window bars, but without a harsh appearance. These steel screens function like windows: they can be opened and closed, and they are transparent, so there is no loss of view. What’s more, these screens are measured to fit each individual window opening, so a seamless fit is guaranteed.

Since safety is obviously the driving force behind any of these considerations, it is also important to consider the fact that windows must sometimes be used as an emergency exit. In these desperate moments, a window is, in fact, sometimes the only option for escape. Windows with security bars installed can no longer be used to make a quick exit in the event of a disaster like a fire.


Same Protection

While screens will not give potential burglars the same visual deterrent that security window bars do, they will repel thieves in a different way. Almost all break-ins require some amount of force to be exerted, and when someone attempts to enter a window with a security screen, they will immediately realize that it is not a normal cloth screen. When it becomes clear that the screen will not give way, burglars will likely give up for fear of alarming someone inside. Of course, should they continue attempting to a break-in, the screen will hold up against them.

Not only do security window bars obstruct the view from a window, but they also become an eyesore in another way. Over time, these bars will often corrode or rust, meaning that those inside don’t just miss out on the view, they’re even forced to stare at rusted bars.

Windows are deeply important to the comfort and livability of a home: they provide natural light and a view of the world outside, but they can also signal a possible entryway to burglars if not properly secured. When a more attractive and equally effective option for security window bars exists, why would anyone not opt for security screens instead?