Make More Out of Your Outdoor Space

Make More Out of Your Outdoor Space

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Learn How to Get More Out of Your Outdoor Area

Summer is almost here!  Make the most of the upcoming summer nights by updating your outdoor space.  If you’re looking for outdoor space ideas, here are just a few simple additions to convert an unused area into your new favorite gathering space.


Lighting is a simple way to make your outdoor space usable day and night.  Not only does the right lighting make your backyard more inviting, but it is also an inexpensive way to elevate the space and make it appear more high-end.  Hanging string lights is a recent trend that allows you to show off your unique tastes.  Whether you choose fairy lights, bulb lights, batteries, or solar-powered, there’s an option for everyone.


One of the many benefits of having an intentionally designed backyard is that it feels like an extension of your home.  Extend your patio even further by adding pavers.  If you don’t want to deal with the expense and hassle of pouring concrete for a larger patio, pavers can make the space feel larger while staying within a budget.  Pavers are also a great investment as beautiful landscaping can increase the value of your home.


Of course, the most important part of designing your outdoor space is seating.  A great seating area will transform your backyard from just a place where the kids play into a romantic lounge area for adults to mingle.  Make sure to have comfortable seating for at least four people, as well as a table so that you can invite friends over for a late-night hang or a Sunday morning brunch.

Incorporating at least one of these ideas into your outdoor space will help you make the most of your yard this summer.  Once you have beautified your outdoor area, don’t let an ugly patio screen ruin the décor.  The sleek design of Crimsafe Outdoor Screens reduce solar heat and filter UV rays to make your time outside even more enjoyable, while also keeping your family safe and secure.  Find a dealer to see how a Crimsafe Screen could elevate your outdoor space.