Frequently Asked Questions About Security Screens

Frequently Asked Questions About Security Screens

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Where to buy security screens?

You may find security door dealers by filling out your zip code or city here.


Which security screens are the best?

Crimsafe products have been put through rigorous testing where they consistently exceed industry standards and outperform competitors.


Are security screens worth it?

Security screens prove their worth as investments. With our screens, you get maximum security without compromising the comfortable look and feel of your home. Mesh screens and frames provide your home or business with simple clean lines that look as good as the feeling of security they provide.


What are security screens?

Security screens are high tensile woven stainless steel mesh. These come anchored by a unique screw-clamp system screwed through the mesh and into the frame. This results in a spectacularly strong yet still versatile security screen that provides excellent airflow and visibility.


What are security screens for windows?

Using the same woven stainless steel mesh as other applications, for ground-level windows or those close to fire escapes there is Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes®. These provide a keyless emergency exit while still keeping intruders out.


Are security screens effective?

Check out this video of the Williamson Co. SWAT team, testing how strong and effective security screens are.


How to clean security screens?

Here is a care guide on how to clean and how often you should clean your security screens.


How to install security screens?

It’s best to hire professional security screen dealers or distributors to install these for you.


How do security screens work?

We use Crimsafe’s exclusive Screw-Clamp(TM) system to secure Tensile-Tuff ® mesh to the frames. This gives our security screens their exceptional strength.

These tamper-resistant screws and metal clamps hold the mesh in a ‘vice-like’ grip in the frame. This gives our screens their incredible strength. This patented system allows them to withstand tremendous force by absorbing and dispersing impact. This prevents them from pulling out of the frame.

Security screens are harder to cut and penetrate, keeping out all unwelcome guests, from burglars to bugs.


How much do security screens cost?

Since every Crimsafe security screen comes customized, you will need to get a personalized quote from one of our verified vendors.


How to make security screens?

If you’re interested in becoming a Crimsafe security screen fabricator, fill out our form to learn more!