Reasons Why Designers Are Choosing Crimsafe On Their Projects

When it comes time to choose door and window screens, most consumers place a high emphasis on aesthetic appeal. It makes sense: designers say doors, in particular, are essentially the face of a home. It’s the first thing anyone sees before entering, a sort of gateway, and the homeowner will look at the door every single time they come home. The ideal door is not only attractive but invites the consumer home by matching their own personal style.

At the same time, consumers want security. Crimsafe, produces an aesthetically appealing security door screen product that makes sacrificing one need for the other unnecessary. Highly stylish and ultra-secure, Crimsafe is fast becoming a favorite for designers to use on all their projects.


Crimsafe is About Versatility

Designers love the versatility of Crimsafe security screen doors. There is virtually no type of door that Crimsafe can’t handle. Crimsafe offers screen doors for:

● Hinged doors
● Single, double, and sliding doors
● French doors
● Bi-fold doors
● Stacking doors

Not only this, but Crimsafe’s range of styles suits everything from a modern or rustic home to a classic art deco. Crimsafe is a solution for every challenge.


Attractive Customer Lifestyle Benefits

Designers also love how Crimsafe offers exclusive lifestyle benefits to future residents, making homes truly stand out on the marketplace. Would you rather have a regular door, or a Crimsafe door that offers:

● Super-strong security to help keep out intruders
● Excellent protection against insects and other pests
● Improved airflow and through-breezes, helping to keep a home cool in the summertime and reducing air conditioning costs
● Protection from hailstone and wind-blown debris during violent storms
● An uninterrupted view without bars or grilles.

Consumers have made their preference for these features known loud and clear, and designers are starting to realize a Crimsafe door is a no-brainer.


Yes, Security Can Be Beautiful

Crimsafe is so dedicated to appealing designs that many consumers have entrusted their security screens to their patio and outdoor enclosures, fencing, and pool screens. There’s a risk a consumer will choose a less-safe alternative to fit their aesthetic, which is why every design option conceivable allows for perfecting blending into any home. But Crimsafe has a passion for great design, which is why designers are utilizing the screen in all sorts of commercial and residential projects.


Discover the Beauty of Crimsafe for Yourself

Designers know that a good eye can deduce everything at first glance, which is why you owe it to yourself to check out the Crimsafe gallery, where you’ll discover the true versatility of Crimsafe products. There is no design standard Crimsafe can’t master, and with benefits like top-not security and protection from pests, these security screens are a designer’s dream balance between form and function. View past projects now to understand why designers love Crimsafe.