Guard Dogs Pros and Cons

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Dogs are man’s best friend. They are also considered to be the protector of the home and have been for thousands of years. From cattle to casa, dogs have proven their worth in the family.
We look at the pros and cons of using a guard dog to protect your home.


  • Deterrent
    • Dogs are often considered one of the top burglary deterrents.
  • Companionship
    • Dogs can be a good addition to the family boosting your lifestyle and giving you a sense of security.


  • Lifestyle
    • You need to have the right lifestyle to own a dog let alone a guard dog. Professional dog training site, Leerburg, says “99% of the people who think they should own a trained personal protection dog should never own one.”
  • Time
    • Every dog requires time and attention from walks, to bonding, and grooming. Guard dogs require a substantial amount of time for training compared to common house dogs. Some say it can take anywhere from a few months to years to properly train a dog. Purchasing a dog already trained or paying for professional training is an option.
  • Cost
    • Owning any pet will incur its own cost. According to ASPCA, the monthly cost of a dog is about $87. That may be a small price to pay if you do all the training yourself and adopt, not shop. According to a leading K9 Training site, “A trained protection dog costs anywhere from $15,000-$40,000”.
  • A false sense of security
    • Hearing a dog barking is so common that we forget that it can mean something. It’s like the boy who cried wolf, is it something or is it nothing?
  • There is a risk
    • Even the most trained dog can make a mistake. From an unexpected solicitor to someone who they just don’t like, guard dogs are trained to protect at all costs. Children are also unpredictable around dogs and unfortunately, accidents happen.
  • You are liable
    • If something does happen, the owner is responsible for the dogs’ actions or injuries.
  • They are intimidating
    • Although good for deterring burglars, popular guard dog breeds may not be inviting to all wanted guests.
  • They aren’t perfect
    • Dogs can be tricked especially when burglars work in teams to break in. Also, if you take your dog with you on a walk or on an outing, your home is now left unprotected.
  • The risk you put on them
    • Burglars can be unpredictable, desperate, and dangerous. After bonding with your pup, the thought of putting them in harm’s way is hard to swallow. In 2022, Wisconsin police reported that a burglar shot and killed a dog during a home break-in.

Bringing in a pet to your home is a big decision and should not be considered lightly. Considering a guard dog as your method for home protection is a whole other question. If dogs aren’t the right path for you, consider a home protection alternative like security screens. Security screens are applied to your doors, windows, patios, or any other opening and provide a physical barrier from potential intruders. Crimsafe screens look like standard screens and offer 24/7 protection from intruders, pests, hurricanes, and so much more.

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