what is a security screen and what can they be used for?

What is a Security Screen?

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What is a Security Screen why you should consider adding it to your home?

A security screen looks like a standard fly screen but is designed to keep a home or commercial property safe from burglary, severe weather, and accidental damage. Crimsafe security screens can be made into door screens, window screens, patio enclosures, and almost any custom egress. Although a security screen looks like a standard mesh screen, they are made from powder-coated, marine grade, stainless steel mesh. It is cut-resistant, bash-proof, and stops almost all bugs from entering your home.

Why would I need a security screen?

Adding Crimsafe Security Screens to your home has many benefits but the most popular reason why people get security screens is for burglary and intruder protection. Crimsafe Security Screens create a physical barrier between the bad outside and your family inside. Unlike rust-prone iron doors, Crimsafe security screen doors can allow you to keep your doors open while keeping your home secure without reducing your home aesthetic. Often compared to window burglar bars, Crimsafe provides security for windows without the eyesore having bars on your home. Best of all, we warranty all our screens for 10 years. With proper care, your screens should never rust.

How do Crimsafe Security Screens stop burglars?

Crimsafe spent 25 years researching and developing its screens to create a product that could not only withstand a physical attack but also hold up to everyday forces. It all starts with our stainless steel mesh. Powder-coated to protect itself from buildup and rust, our mesh is up to x3 thicker than the box chain stores and other competitors. It is extremely hard to cut and can stretch to absorb an impact protecting the door or window behind it. Using a lever tech, our mesh is Screw-Clamped into the frame. In short, the more force applied, the stronger the structure holds. The frame itself has layers upon layers of anti-break-in tech to stop burglars from entering your home. Watch the short clip below to see how the mesh is screwed into the frame.

Why would I need security screens when I have a camera or security system?

Security systems are not true home protection. They are a deterrent and simply monitor the property. A burglar can still get inside a home even with alarms and cameras. Even if an alarm is triggered, chances are the intruder will be in and out before any help can reach the property. Crimsafe Security Screens stop criminals from ever getting inside your home. To read more about all the differences between Systems and Crimsafe, click here.

I live in a safe area; I don’t need home security.

Unfortunately, the world isn’t always safe, and things happen. “Safe” communities are being affected by burglary more and more. Being prepared is never a bad thing. Crimsafe Security Screens are also more than a security screens. They are pet friendly, are solar screens, can reduce heat gain and UV, and add air circulation to your home. To read about all the other benefits of Crimsafe Security Screens, read our Crimsafe Full Benefits blog.

How do I get Crimsafe Security Screens for my home and how much do they cost?

Crimsafe works through a network of distributors across North America. These Dealers have been vetted and trained to ensure you are partnered with installers that match our level of customer service. All screens are custom-made to your exact door, window, or patio. Because of this, we cannot quote the project site unseen. All Dealers provide free, no-obligation quotes with in-home or virtual visits. To find security screens near you, visit our Dealer list or fill out our form below.

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