lies that the security system industry doesn't want you to know

The Biggest Lies About Security Systems

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Security Alarm Systems have taken the country by storm and quickly became a $34.5 billion industry in 2022 according to IBISWorld and are currently North America’s preferred choice of home protection. With all those sales, crime rates are still at a high with a burglary occurring every 26 seconds. With that, let’s take a look at 5 of the biggest lies that Security Camera and Alarm System Companies tell you.

  1. It’s a one-and-done.

So, you got the latest camera, or you went all out and got the complete kit with sensors, cameras, and lights. On average, one decent camera will probably run you between $200-$400, whereas a complete system could run up into the thousands. While that spiffy new camera might look good today, that model is going to be obsolete in just a few years, if it even lasts that long. Also, you need the app to run the system and nearly all of them require a monthly membership. With tech companies, upselling is the name of the game.

  1. It’s simple.

For some Security System companies, “Simple” is even in the name but that’s not the case for most Americans. Some security systems require you to hardwire their devices, install lights that you may need a ladder to reach, or deal with finicky software. Bluetooth, smartphone apps, and WIFI can be challenging to master. Most companies offer to install the system for you but again, it’s another charge.

  1. They are always working

All security systems require one thing… electricity. When power gets cut and they become ugly decorations. Some systems do have backup batteries but unless they are hardwired, there is a chance they will go out as well. Also, if your system requires WIFI, like the leading doorbell camera, you will not get notifications if your internet goes out. Let’s think about window sensors. If you open your window to get a breeze, your monitor goes off. That’s nice but now the sensor is inactive. If your window is like most Americans that nylon mesh screen is easy to get through.

  1. They make you feel safer

Picture this, you’re sitting at work or enjoying a meal out and you see a notification pop up on your phone that your security system has been triggered. For many, that is a cause for alarm. What’s happening? Who is it? What are they doing at my home? What do I do? So, you check your phone and it was the neighborhood cat walking in your backyard or a delivery person dropping off your mail. Crisis averted. It’s good to know when something bad has happened but with all of life’s stressors and distractions, you do not need another one.

  1. They protect your home from intruders.

This is a big reason why most people get a security system but what if I told you that a camera or yard sign is only a deterrent? There are indeed some burglars that will not attempt a break-in if they see signs of an alarm, but it doesn’t work every time. A camera or alarm will alert you if someone gets in and may get an image of the thug, but they are already in our home causing damage, stealing things, and robbing you of your sense of security. Even if you happen to get a good enough photo of the intruder or in rare cases finds out who did it, you still lose. You lost your things, you probably have a door or window that needs repair, and now you’re worried that it’s going to happen again. Over half of homes are retargeted again within 6 weeks. As we mentioned before, unless you are paying for the service or constantly looking at your security systems notifications, the intruder will be in and out before you know about it. Another thing to keep in mind is that most home break-ins are considered “smash-and-grab” and only last 8-10 minutes. That is not a lot of time for the authorities to get there even if they are notified right away.


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