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HOA’s blocking you from getting home security products?

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Homeowners Associations or HOA’s can be a great thing. They can increase community engagement, they often come with access to well-maintained communal amenities, and can offer support and stability for a neighborhood. HOAs can also be restrictive. Often, there are clear rules as to what your home can look like or what you can have on your property. This may become frustrating when trying to add security measures to your home.

When a HOA has a “no security system” policy the best thing to do is to have an open discussion about what is and is not accepted. Many times, these rules use the blanket term “security systems” but it may only apply to cameras or motion detectors. This is understandable as cameras, if not carefully installed, can intrude on other homeowners’ property. Although most cameras are now low profile, bulkier models are still being made and they may not fall within the aesthetic guidelines your HOA requires.

There is another option other than cameras and monitor-based security systems. Crimsafe Security Screens create a physical barrier between your family and the bad that may be lurking outside. Crimsafe Security Screens look like bug screens but are made from powder-coated, stainless steel mesh that blocks insects just like a nylon screen but is nearly indestructible to an intruder. Crimsafe screens are cut-resistant, bash-proof, anti-tamper, and can’t be pulled down. Security screens can be applied to nearly any type of egress such as doors or windows and can even be used to enclose a patio or outdoor space. Crimsafe Security Screens are not like unappealing burglar bars or rust-prone iron doors. They are low profile, don’t stand out, and add to a home’s aesthetic.

Along with being a security product, Crimsafe Security Screens are also solar screens. Our security screens reduce heat gain and loss, can reduce your energy bill, and create an ever-important air circulation in your home without decreasing security.

If you feel like your HOA is restricting you from protecting your family, look to your local and state laws. Homeowners have basic rights outside their HOAs, and state and local laws should supersede them. Although it is different for every county and state, some of these laws can include restricting homeowners from adding security products. For instance, there is a state law in Texas that prohibits a property owner association from restricting home security products. This can include but isn’t limited to cameras, motion detectors, or perimeter fencing. (Tex. Prop. Code. § 202.023) Another example is in California where is a law about where a property owner can place a camera but there is no defined law that restricts what HOAs can enforce.

To gain more knowledge about your rights, contact your local Senate department or visit them on the web at www.senate.gov

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