4 Second-Floor Safety Hacks

4 Second-Floor Safety Hacks

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The second floor of a home can be a great way to have additional space and bring more value to a home. While there are many benefits to having a second story, another level also brings its own set of challenges, especially for those with young children in the home. If you have a house with a second story, taking a little time to prepare it can help ensure that everyone is safe and secure on every level.

Always Supervise Kids on the Second Floor

Especially with younger children, supervision is a necessary part of safety in the home. Whether they are on the first or second floor, ensure that you know where they are at all times so that you can help to keep them out of trouble or potentially dangerous situations.

With a busy schedule, it can often be difficult to keep an eye on the little ones all the time. If needed, taking some simple steps to childproof your home can help you feel more comfortable with letting children explore certain areas while you handle work or chores in those rooms.

Use Caution Around Stairs

Stairs can pose a risk for anyone but can be especially dangerous for children and seniors. Take special care if either of these groups is in your home. For seniors, ensure that your stairs have rails that are firmly secured to the wall to serve as support. If needed, investing in a stairlift can also help make it easier for senior loved ones to safely traverse the house.

If you have young children in the home, investing in safety gates will be a key part of helping them stay safe. Ensure that the gates are securely installed at the top and bottom of stairs and are at a height where they cannot be easily climbed over.

Practice Window Safety

Window safety is important for every level of the home. Taking a few steps for prevention can mean avoiding possible accidents in the future. Be sure to move any climbable furniture away from windows to keep children from getting on top of places they shouldn’t be. If you have any windows open, be sure to maintain supervision of the area until you close it again, and don’t forget to lock and secure your second-floor windows once you are done.

Secure Windows with a Reliable Security Screen

Locks aren’t always enough to guarantee the safety of everyone around the windows on the second floor of a home. That’s where Crimsafe Security Screens come in! Crimsafe allows windows to be opened without compromising the security of your home. The perfect pairing for second-floor windows, each security screen is custom made to be a perfect fit no matter the shape or size. Not only are Crimsafe Security Screens great for protecting your home, but they can also provide an exit option in the event of an emergency.

Crimsafe Security Screens don’t just stop at securing your home. With a wide variety of benefits, adding Crimsafe to your house will ensure that you feel protected without sacrificing the style of your space. Discover the difference Crimsafe can make for your family by contacting one of our dealers today!