Upgrade Your Rental Property: 5 Renovation Tips

Upgrade Your Rental Property: 5 Renovation Tips

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An empty rental property is a worst-case scenario for any landlord. While some factors can’t be controlled in the rental world, one thing landlords can do is make their rental properties more attractive to potential renters. By upgrading your properties, you not only make them more appealing to renters but also increase their value which can help keep someone in your property at all times.

Upgrade the Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the main rooms that play a deciding factor for renters. As a place where tenants will be spending a decent amount of time, they want the kitchens in their rental property to be modern and cohesive.

While you don’t have to go out and purchase the newest and most advanced appliances, having all of the appliances’ finishes match will help pull the space together while also adding value to the property. With appliances being one of the most sought-after features by renters, having upgraded ones can make or break a tenant signing a lease.

Remodel the Bathroom

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are one of the most popular rooms in a rental property. When touring properties, renters often want to see modern, upgraded, and open spaces. Adding new hardware and getting creative with storage space can significantly improve the style and open up bathroom space.

If it’s within your budget, upgrading bathroom features can really help set your rental property apart from others on the market. Cohesion again comes into play as you’ll want to ensure that the features and hardware match and complement the style of the space. Take into consideration your ideal tenant as well. A family with young children will have different needs than a college student might.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Rental properties often see a lot of wear and tear as tenants come and go. Over time, walls, baseboards, and moldings will get dirty from everyday activities. Touching up, or completely repainting the interior and exterior of a property can add value that can help boost your return on investment (ROI).

When painting a home, it is often recommended to use neutral colors as it makes it easier for tenants to imagine themselves living in the space. It is essential to try and avoid making any decisions heavily based on personal tastes as this can alienate potential tenants whose tastes differ from yours.

Boost Curb Appeal

A first impression can make or break a renter moving into your rental property. Most often, potential tenants will first see the front of the property, and that will set the tone for their tour. While we’ve already touched on a fresh exterior coat of paint adding value to a home, many other things can be done to upgrade the value of a rental property.

Landscaping can significantly affect a person’s opinion of a home. Again, take into consideration your ideal tenants and what they may be looking for. Will they want to maintain a yard that requires mowing or shrub trimming? If not, a desert landscape might be best. Maybe they have pets or kids and are looking for a property with grass and trees where they play. Either way, a well-maintained yard and landscaped can help get people interested in the property by making positive first impressions.

Invest in Rental Property Security

Security is a top priority for many who are looking to move into a neighborhood. This is why neighborhood security is often one of the most researched parts of looking for a rental property by tenants. While you may not be able to control an area’s crime rate, you can upgrade your property with security measures that will add value and help tenants feel secure.

Crimsafe Security Screens are the perfect security solution for every rental property. Each security screen is custom-made to fit the doors and windows of the property, ensuring they will look great and keep out any unwanted intruders when installed. Not only do Crimsafe Security Screens provide protection and security to tenants, but they also provide various lifestyle benefits, including:

  • Increased Air Flow
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Protection From Insects
  • Wildfire Protection
  • Hurricane Protection
  • Added Rental Property Value

Contact one of our dealers today and discover how Crimsafe can upgrade your rental property and benefit you and your tenants.