The Intruders You Want To Keep Out Of Your Home

All of us fear the reality of a stranger entering our home without permission, taking possessions, and violating our privacy and home. However, these strangers aren’t always masked intruders, oftentimes they aren’t even human. Crimsafe mesh is the clear solution to keeping out these pesky intruders. These small intruders can cause massive amounts of damage, physical harm, and cause a nuisance that no homeowner wants to deal with. With the introduction of Crimsafe, a homeowner can often save money and protect those that mean most to them. There are multiple different types of intruders that Crimsafe can protect your home against.

Creepy Crawlies

No one likes a sharp bite from an insect that has invaded your space. Often times homeowners will introduce and utilize bug zappers, sticky mats, or rely on larger creatures, like bats and birds, to keep creepy crawlies out. Mosquitoes pose the potential for the spread of disease and present an annoying addition to the family. Female mosquitos are responsible for that uncomfortable bite that seems to itch all day. Other insects like poisonous spiders, centipedes, and scorpions pose health risks to any homeowner if bitten. Crimsafe mesh is guaranteed to keep all of these pesky pests out and protect you and your family.

Cats and Snakes

A cat can be the perfect addition to any family, but not if it’s uninvited. Stray cats can bring disease, fleas, and put the other pets in your home at risk. The high risk of disease can lead to other pets in the home contracting diseases like rabies, which can be deadly for both your household and your precious pets. A strong mesh barrier can keep these feline invaders out on the streets they like to roam.

Snakes are another common nuisance and incredibly dangerous intruder that can enter your home. Snakes can be both venomous and nonvenomous and pose a great threat to any household. No one wants a slithery friend to crash the party, so install mesh today to keep the fun going while keeping out these slithering trespassers.

Masked Intruders

The biggest threat to any household is the human intruders. Burglars have the ability to take away your own personal safety and a comfortable feeling of your home. Human intruders can cause massive amounts of damage, steal your prized possessions, and even victimize you mentally and physically. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 4,500 burglaries happen every day. With more and more households spending more time at home, the worst outcome would be for those you love to be attacked during a home invasion. Crimsafe guarantees the best possible security to protect your most precious possessions, human and otherwise.

Choose Crimsafe

Whether it is a masked invader or a more unconventional intruder, Crimsafe mesh is the perfect solution to keeping those uninvited out where they belong. With a .035-inch stainless steel mesh screen and strong tamper-resistant screws, any intruder will have a near-impossible time entering your home. The lightness of the mesh allows for airflow while also keeping out those uninvited creepy crawlies and pesky animals. Contact us today to install your Crimsafe mesh.