How to Outsmart an Intruder and Keep Your Home Safe

The need for security has never been higher than in today’s climate, and investing in home security may mean the difference between a safe home for your family and dealing with the aftereffects of a burglary. There are many innovative and simple ways to make sure that your home stays safe and protected from intruders.

Look into Landscaping

One simple way to deter future burglars is to keep your front yard landscaping trimmed and sparse. Many burglars will be looking for spots to hide, and dark and dense foliage is the perfect hiding spot. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on landscaping your yard or your trees. Simply be mindful of how your yard’s landscape may be creating the perfect cover for a shady visitor.

Let in the Light

Dark environments are the most preferred for home invaders, they can remain hidden for longer and even cover their identities from authorities. In addition to keeping your front yard landscaping tidy, adding security lights to your home can drastically decrease the likelihood of a burglary. Motion Sensing lights are a great alternative to the traditional porch lights as they save on energy- only turning on when motion is detected. Another simple tip is to leave some lights on while you are away, this can give the image or impression that you’re home when you may not be.

Be Aware of Spare Keys

Spare keys can be incredibly useful when you misplace your original set, or when you need to give a set to family or friends who can watch your home while you’re away. However, spare keys can also be the easiest way an intruder can enter your home. It is best to put your spare keys in a lock box. Be sure to not leave your garage opener or any spare keys in your car overnight. If a burglar were to get into your car they can easily get into your home with the push of a button.

Protect Your information

Stealing your mail is a common way for an intruder to learn important information about you. These documents can tell them a variety of things, from your interests and purchase history to your possible vacation information. It’s best to install a security mailbox that allows you to protect your mail and private information. In addition, be conscious about the type of information you share with others. This includes sharing your garage code or times when you will not be home, as overhearing individuals may take advantage. Consider waiting to post any vacation images until after you are home to avoid being targeted from your online profile.

Invest In the Best Security

Another way to deter a possible intruder is to invest in the best security screens on the market. Being proactive, not reactive can ensure that you stop a burglary before it ever occurs. You can install an alarm system, but this just calls attention to the problem once they have already entered your home and it can be difficult to remember to turn on. Also, alarms can be a significant monthly cost. Instead, invest in Crimsafe security screens, that are knife shear tested, kick proof, and designed with 304-grade stainless steel for enhanced durability and strength. Tamper resistant screws and clasps keep the screen’s integrity. The sleek design will mold into your home and boost curb appeal while keeping you safe. Browse your next step in home security today.