Crimsafe Screens Protect Against More Than Crime

Every night when we go to bed, we lock our doors, turn on the outside lights, and double check our windows to protect our home. For most of us, protecting our home from intruders is at the forefront of the mind when we lay our heads down.

But what about everything else from the outside world we don’t want intruding into our personal space? Is there a way to guard against more than just a human intruder?

We kept that in mind while designing our security screens. We wanted to protect you and your home from as much as we could. Crimsafe takes your safety, security and peace of mind to heart, so here’s how we defended against invaders of every size.

Insect Resistance

Typical screen doors are nothing but a minor obstacle for those six-legged pests. Various insects pack the hardware to cut through the cheap mesh found on most screen doors, but not our .9mm thick stainless steel mesh, which can withstand most human cutting tools. And if they weren’t able to chew their way in, there was always a work around.

Outside of Crimsafe’s proprietary Screw-Clamp system, most screens are easily transcended by smaller bugs. Our system puts a vice grip type cinch around the screen, eliminating the gaps notorious for allowing insects to come inside.

Keeping the Weather at Bay

Crimsafe’s security storm doors offer a unique level of protection against some of mother nature’s harshest elements.

Rated for protection against hurricane wind and debris, our screens not only protect against a human force, but the force of nature as well.

Crimsafe hurricane debris screens can protect against wind gusts up to 150mph as well as having the option to build them out, furthering your layers of defense.

Our security screens also meet the highest current standards in brushfire protection, keeping the weather outside where it belongs.

A Thermos for Your Home

Excelling in the UV protection category, Crimsafe security screens keep the harmful sunlight that jacks up cooling costs and damages furniture out of your home. Reducing UV penetration by up to 65% means your home stays cool all summer long while you still being able to enjoy the unobstructed views of the great outdoors.

In the winter time, the cold that usually zaps a house of its heat supply is kept in check in much the same way. With the rising costs of electric and heating fuels, and investment to protect your home from intrusion that also keeps your HVAC bills at manageable levels can’t be beat.

We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you’re looking to protect your family and possessions from a human threat or the threat of the natural world, Crimsafe has the products to defend you at every angle.

All of our security screens are custom made to fit any opening and come ready to install. Our technology has innovated and upgraded an industry, now let us do the same for your home or business.

Check out everything we have to offer today and get on the road to complete protection.