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Crime Rate Statistics That We Saw in 2019

The U.S. has been seeing a steady decrease in overall crime rates since the 1990s. According to recent statistics, burglary trends have also decreased by 1% since 2018. The FBI also released statistics that state that violent crime has dropped 50% in the last 20 years. These are all positive indications of increasing police effectiveness and societal development. However, there are still high risks for homeowners to become a burglary or robbery statistic. Here is an overview of some 2019 statistics and trends we saw in crime.

Home Invasion and Burglary Facts

  • Every 13 seconds, there is a burglary.
  • February has proven the safest month of the year for burglary because of weather conditions in most areas of the U.S.
  • July is the worst month of the year for home invasions while people are out of town.
  • There are around 2.4 million robberies every year in the U.S.
  • City homes have seen a larger decline in property crime than their suburban or rural counterparts.
  • More than 95% of home robberies are from forceful entry.

Burglar Profiles

Most home invasions are committed by young males, and they are often looking for drugs, jewelry, cash, and anything they can quickly re-sell with little trace. Most burglaries are also from someone who had some sort of a relationship with the homeowner. Most criminals looking to rob a home have a plan and know when the victim will or will not be home. Plus, 7.2% of home invasions also turn violent, most often when the burglar is unexpecting of the homeowner.

How to Protect in 2020

Security systems

Security systems have been proven to drastically reduce the likelihood of home invasions. 83% of burglars actively check to see if the home has any type of alarm system before committing the crime. Having a solid security system – and a sign in your front yard- can help deter your home from being a possible option for home invasion.

Security Doors

Locked doors have little influence on burglary prevention since most are forceful entry anyway. However, having steel security screens and doors will make forceful entry nearly impossible. Crimsafe offers a variety of industrial-strength products to protect your home from being burglarized.

Have a Plan

If you are planning a vacation anytime soon, make a plan to have someone stay at your home while you are away. Grab a friend or family member and offer some pizza delivery dinners and a little cash for simply house-sitting your home. Just having someone home will greatly decrease the chances of a break-in and will be worth the small investment by saving you thousands in damages and stolen valuables. If you have a pet, consider having in-home care rather than boarding while you are gone!


While the overall trends of crime rates and home invasion crimes are decreasing, it is still a reality for many homeowners. Protect your safe space and invest in crucial protection like security systems and security screens. There are always small things you can do as a homeowner to protect your home like leaving your exterior lights on at night, closing blinds, and always making sure everything is locked before you leave for the day. For more information on protection, contact Crimsafe today.