Common Home Security Weaknesses


Those who have never been the victims of theft or some other intrusive crime tend to be blissfully aware of how exposed their homes truly are. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of believing that as long as the door is locked at night, the house is impenetrable. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t true.

There are many small ways that home security may be lacking, and often they seem innocuous until they aide in an intrusion. We’ve compiled some of the most common here to educate and protect homeowners.


Ineffective Locks on Exterior Doors

All locks are not created equal. Even in affluent homes, inexpensive locks are often installed at building unless specifically requested otherwise. This means that most locks on exterior doors which are, of course, the main points of entry to a home, can be forced or picked open by potential intruders.

Assessing a lock’s viability and replacing it if necessary is a great place to start when bolstering up home security.


Spare Key Hidden Obviously

Hide-a-key objects and spares placed under doormats are easy to spot for intruders with experienced eyes. This is essentially inviting a criminal into the home; when they find a key, it doesn’t matter whether the lock is high quality or not.

Instead, it’s better to leave a key with a loved one where it doesn’t provide immediate access to uninvited guests.


No List of Assets in The Home

Despite precautions, it’s always possible that an intruder will slip past the defenses. Though no one wants to think about this possibility, it’s better to be prepared with a plan in case of that eventuality. While everyone hopes they’ll never have to deal with a robbery, it’s important to create a list of assets within the home to consult for missing items should one ever occur.


Unprotected Glass Vulnerabilities

Though an important part of every home’s aesthetic, windows are a frequent point of entry for intruders. Even if windows are locked, they can easily be broken and crawled through.

This is why it’s a good idea to install some sort of security window. With Crimsafe’s Safe-S-Cape®, homeowners can escape on the ground level in an emergency, but keep intruders out at all other times.


Unlocked Windows and Doors

To err is human, and everyone forgets to lock a door or window every now and again. While this mistake is understandable, it can prove grave if that forgotten lock coincides with the night someone attempts a break in. More often than not, unlocked windows will prove more common than unlocked doors, which is why they’re a favorite entry point for burglars.

To safeguard any future forgetfulness, homeowners can install fixed security panes for security in their windows that will prevent intrusion even if they’re unlocked.

Don’t allow your home to fall victim to common security blunders; reach out to see how Crimsafe can keep you protected!