5 Ways Security Screen Doors Improve Your Home


For some, home improvement is a hobby, and others view the activities as necessities to increase the value and appeal of their houses. As you’re exploring security screen doors, consider the ways in which these features can improve your living space.


Curb Appeal

When your goal is to have an attractive house, installing screen doors can certainly support that mission. Security screen doors improve  your home by making it look more appealing and comfortable. Visual changes that pull the look of your home together, especially a bold statement at your entrance door, make your home look inviting and well-maintained. Curb appeal is also important if you want to sell your house as this factor can play a significant role in how much people are willing to pay for the property.


Improved Ventilation

Without this type of door, you really cannot leave the front door open to get air into the house. When you have a secure screen door, however, you will likely feel more comfortable keeping the main door open and this door locked. You still have a sense of security in your home and are not simply leaving the door available for anyone to open, but you are bringing greater ventilation into the space.


Pest Barrier

If you’ve been noticing a number of pests crawling and flying around your home, a screen door can really help you to see a significant change. While leaving a solid door open invites all types of pests to enter into your home, a well maintained screen door allows for air flow without the creepy crawlies.¬† And adding a security screen door will keep out other intruders as well, such as wildlife, while keeping your pets safely inside.


Added Security

When you are concerned about security in the home, this type of door can provide you with an extra layer. Opting for a door that is specifically designed for security is a wise decision. Optically, when intruders see doors and other entry points with security features, they realize that they most likely will have a more difficult task gaining access to your property than expected and will choose a less secure home for their criminal purposes. Practically, security screen doors, such as those provided by Crimsafe, are nearly impenetrable. That means that even if your home is targeted, if the door is locked, no one is getting inside. (For added protection, security window screens are also a good idea.)


Custom Fit

As you’re considering all of the benefits, you might be looking at your door or front porch and wondering how a screen door could possibly fit in the space or on the hinges, Fortunately, you can allow this concern to melt away because you can get a screen door that is made specifically for your home. Working with a professional in the field means that you can get all of the proper specifications and have the right door for your home.

If you have never considered opting for a security screen door before, now is the time to do so. The benefits are both aesthetic and practical. In other words, security screen doors improve your home by looking better and creating a more pleasant space in which to live.