Senior Home Security Tips

Senior Home Security Tips

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Looking out for our loved ones is often on our minds as they age. We want to ensure that they will be safe and secure in their homes. Senior home security is an essential part of maintaining their comfort and high quality of life and preventing them from becoming a statistic. No matter the living situation, we want our seniors to live their best lives and feel at ease in their living spaces.

Lock Your Doors & Windows

Locking your doors and windows is one of the most important senior home security tips that often get forgotten. People often forget to lock doors and windows no matter their age because they may be in a hurry, or they thought that they locked them but didn’t. Most often, intruders will take advantage of a convenient way to enter someone’s home. Keeping your doors and windows locked when you are and aren’t home makes it more difficult for them to enter.

Know Your Neighbor

One of the best resources to senior home security is right next door… literally! Neighborhood watch groups can provide a network of safety connections. For instance, letting your trusted neighbors know when you plan on being away for an extended period means that can help keep an eye on your home while you’re gone. If your neighbors see anything that they think might be suspicious, they can let you or the authorities know so that action can be taken.

Don’t Open the Door for Strangers

Since we were young, we’ve all been told, and it stands true to this day, we shouldn’t open the door for strangers. Solicitors are very common, and in certain situations, these people can be potential intruders posing as someone they aren’t in order to investigate potential targets. When someone comes to your door, check who is there first before opening the door. Do what you can to prevent them from seeing you looking, and never tell a stranger if you are home alone.

Invest in Senior Home Security Measures

While this might be the more costly senior home security tip, it can also be one of the most effective. Home security solutions are designed to help you feel comfortable and secure in your home. By adding an extra layer of protection to a home, you can enjoy the benefits the added security brings without affecting your lifestyle. From security alarms to security screens, there is a perfect solution to fit every senior’s needs and style. Before making a decision though, take the time to research the pros and cons for each option. For example, security alarms aren’t a one-and-done solution as many think. These systems can be costly and are really only effective once a break-in has already occurred.

At Crimsafe, we understand that security is essential to the quality of life at any age. Our security screens for doors and windows offer functionality that is simple to the user without compromising how effective they are at keeping intruders out. Not only are our screens the best at keeping your home secure, but they also offer additional benefits like improving energy efficiency, letting a breeze enter your home without the worry of insects, and looking great. Find a dealer today and upgrade your senior home security and lifestyle.