Window security bars

Window Security Bars: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

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When it comes to keeping your home protected, there are various options to choose from. From alarms to cameras to security screens, there is something out there for everyone. Window security guards have been one of these options since the 19th-century, but can they hold up with their more modern competition? We’re taking a look at all things window security bars to find out if they are right for your home.

Sturdy Protection

Window guards can be made from various metals, including aluminum, steel, and wrought iron. The metal used will determine just how strong the window security bars are. However, most that are well-crafted will provide sturdy protection to your windows. After installation, it will be very difficult for intruders to get into them.

No Easy Way Out

Just as it’s difficult to get into a home because of window bars, it can also be difficult to get out because of them. Window security bars are meant to keep intruders out and will do so when properly installed. A good installation means that window bars will block off your window from the outside and the inside. In the event of an emergency, a window with security bars won’t be an option for escape anymore unless it has a release option. Be sure to consider the need for exits when looking into protecting your windows.

Blocked Views

The metal used to craft the window guards isn’t going to be transparent. This means that they will obstruct the view of any window they are installed on. With individual bars being approximately an inch wide, a significant amount of window space can be blocked by adding window security bars.

Available Airflow

The addition of window bars to your home will offer you newfound freedom. Gone are the days of having to keep your windows closed all the time from fear for your security.  With window guards installed on your home, you will be able to leave a window open and enjoy the breeze flowing through your home. Along with the added airflow, ventilation can help keep your home cooler without using air conditioning. This means that your energy bill could go down after installing window security bars.

Less Protection from Small Threats

Unless you also have a screen attached to your window, security bars won’t keep your home safe from every intruder. We’re talking about the bugs and insects that will come in when your windows are open. Your window guards will ultimately have space between the bars that are wide enough for small pests to get through. Even though your home will be safe from bigger threats, the little ones will be completely unfazed by window security guards.

Design Based on Your Taste

Depending on what your design style is, window bars could be a pro or a con. Some people may not like the bulky addition that bars will add to the exterior of their home. Others will take the opportunity to customize their window security bars to fit their style better and complement their living space. While custom options will more than likely run at a higher price point, that money could be well spent when the aesthetic is important.

There are various pros and cons to consider when it comes to making a choice about window security bars. Though they do offer protection from intruders, they also bring a handful of drawbacks. Our Crimsafe Security Window Screens provide all of the benefits of window bars without any of the drawbacks. Our security screens will secure your home from large and small threats without restricting your exit points or views. Crimsafe security screens not only look great, but they work when protecting your home. Contact us today to find out how Crimsafe can secure your windows and the rest of your home too.