How to burglar proof your home

How to burglar proof your home

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You have worked hard to have the home of your dreams. It is a place you’re proud to have and are looking forward to growing in over the years. That’s why it is so important to ensure that your home and your peace of mind remain protected. No feeling is worse than realizing that your home has been broken into. By taking a few simple steps to burglar-proof your home, you can ensure that this is a feeling that you won’t have to experience.

Keep Track of Keys

It’s important to remember and monitor who you give keys to and keep tabs on when they use those keys. Set guidelines for how and when those keys should be used if they are given to someone outside of the home’s residents. The same can be said if your home has an electronic lock system that uses a pin number. Always be careful about who has access to that code.

Extra keys should be kept hidden and out of reach. Remember, while it may be convenient to leave a spare key outside your home for emergencies, those keys can also be found by the wrong people. We recommend avoiding leaving spare keys outside unless they are secured in some way. Any lost keys need to be promptly dealt with by replacing or rekeying the locks associated with them. Instead of a well-known hide-a-key rock, try a key lockbox.

Light Your Home

Lighting up the area outside and around your home is a great way to deter burglars. They want to work in the cover of darkness usually to be hidden away from people who could call the police and report them. Having lights in front of windows and other entrances is important to eliminate hiding spots and keep your home from being burglarized.

Hide Your Valuables

Items that are expensive and highly valuable to you should be hidden and out of the way. It may not be possible in every instance but try to design your home with that in mind. When practical, avoid placing valuable items like televisions or computers where they are visible from windows to prevent people passing by from seeing what you have.

Placing these items in an organized but somewhat protected fashion can slow burglars down as they search for valuable items and give police more time to catch them. Be sure to keep a log of your valuables. In the event of a burglary, having stock of your items will help you identify what may have been taken and can also be beneficial when filing insurance claims. Taking pictures of new valuables or saving receipts will speed claims along as well.

Give Signs You are There

Burglars will look for areas that they think are somewhat unoccupied for an easier job. If your home is lit or looks like it is lived in, this can be extremely beneficial in deterring potential burglars. When traveling, find someone you trust who can come to check on your home and collect your mail. When possible, leave a car at home and set timers for lights. These simple things can help your home look like it is occupied, even if you are away.

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