The Ultimate in Residential Security Window Screens

The Ultimate in Residential Security Window Screens

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Home security is important, there’s no way around it. It’s something that we all need to have, no matter where we live or which neighborhood we choose to reside in. Home security keeps the things closest to our hearts, from family to personal effects, safe from the attempted personal gain of others. When you have a well-protected home, you can leave on peaceful vacations and a get full night’s sleep. You can rest easy with the knowledge that your home is safe, along with everything in it that you cherish. Residential security window screens are a fantastic way to achieve this level of mental peace, and they’re easier to have installed than you might think!

Why Windows are a Common Target

Windows are a common point of entry to many thieves for a variety of reasons. Trees often hide windows and other landscaping. This

Window locks are easier to break than those on doors, especially deadbolts. Often, thieves can break the locks on windows without even shattering the pane. This makes for a quiet entry that goes completely unnoticed, even when residents and neighbors are home.

Windows are easy to break. A bold thief will gladly break a window to steal something small. This could be an Ipad or cellphone left unattended on a kitchen table. There is no guarantee of what criminals are capable of, so it’s vital to be vigilant regarding your surroundings while doing everything you can (within reason) to protect your home.


Upgrading Your Window Security

Luckily, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights fretting about potential thieves being able to easily access your flimsy windows. There are simple solutions to upgrade the security of your resident windows, and all it takes is a phone call.

Crimsafe is proud to manufacture residential security window screens for literally every type of window. Any shape, any size, any configuration… Crimsafe has exactly what you need. Our durable, unbreakable screens are made from the same protective material used in prisons, commercial buildings, and overpasses.

When we say that our product is virtually indestructible, we aren’t kidding! Especially when it comes to residential settings. Each screen is made to measure, and our team will take the time needed to ensure a perfect fit.

Though our screens are tough, they don’t give off a lock-down vibe. They are light, airy, and pleasing to the eye. Your home will not look like you’ve given it a complete security makeover, even though that is absolutely the case.

The technology at Crimsafe is engineered for security at a maximum level. Our interest is in keeping you safe while allowing you to feel as though we haven’t completely changed the look of your home. If you’re looking to amp up the security on your residential windows, give us a call today!