Toughen Up Your Sliding Glass Door With Security Screens

Toughen Up Your Sliding Glass Door With Security Screens

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Sliding glass doors are typically quite vulnerable to break-ins. They are seen by potential burglars as easy targets. This is because their manufactured locks are often easy to break.

French and sliding doors are aesthetically pleasing. They let in a ton of light and will change the entire look of a home once they’ve been installed.

They also offer a front-row view into what you’ve got in your living room or kitchen, and proper steps should be taken to make sure they are secured at all times. Giving your home security an upgrade with sliding security screen doors is a great way to achieve that open, airy look…and peace of mind as well!


What Makes These Doors So Vulnerable?

Sliding glass doors often open from the back deck or patio. This makes them easily accessible, which means burglars don’t have to search for alternative entrances. Under the guise of night, these doors are the first point of entry that thieves will target.

Sliding glass doors have larger glass panes that are far more vulnerable to breaking. They also sit much lower to the ground than a window. If your doors were not properly fitted, installed, and secured, they can literally be lifted off the track as well.

It’s incredibly important to have a professional install your doors or have them checked if they were there when you purchased your home. Sliding glass doors do not come with locks that are as strong as a typical deadbolt. The entire door should be reinforced.


Securing Sliding Glass Doors

Securing your sliding glass doors with security screens is the best way to go about preventing a potential theft. This door reinforcement doesn’t stop at the lock but should extend to securing the door itself. Adding security screens to your sliding glass doors will prevent criminals from popping the lock and breaking the glass.

The sliding security screen doors provided by Crimsafe are the most efficient way to fully gain freedom from worry while keeping your home looking exactly how you intended. With our secure sliding screen doors, you won’t need wooden dowels or bars to hold your doors shut and keep your space safe.

The goal of our durable screens is to provide your home with the ultimate protection. Our screens accomplish this while remaining noninvasive to the aesthetics of your home. Our screens are super strong and meant to keep out intruders, but they also provide ample airflow during the warmer months, allowing you to save on electric bills.

Crimsafe is dedicated to helping our clients cut down on home weaknesses that are so often overlooked, with improperly secured doors being at the top of our list. If you’re ready to drastically increase the security of your home, contact Crimsafe today!