4 Home Renovations Safety Tips

4 Home Renovations Safety Tips

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Home renovations are how we start working towards the home of our dreams. While home improvement shows make these projects seem like simple tasks, they can actually be very time-consuming, taxing, and dangerous. It is crucial to practice renovation safety for each and every project that you choose to undergo at your home. Whether you or a contractor is completing the home improvement project, taking basic renovation safety measures can help to ensure the project moves as seamlessly as possible and everyone involved has a safe, healthy, and enjoyable experience.

Plan for the Project

Taking the time to make plans for each project is critical to keep the process on track and running smoothly. In this phase, take the time to establish what the goal of the project is. This step will help establish a focus for the project, allow renovators to plan for what materials will be needed, and keep the project from growing into one that is larger and more expensive halfway through.

The planning phase is also a great time to gather information on your home. A key to renovation safety is knowing the floor plan of the house and conducting a top to bottom inspection. By studying the home floor plan, you can learn the location of water, gas, and electric lines, as well as identify your load-bearing walls and other important structures throughout the house. When conducting the home inspection, be on the lookout for structural damage that could threaten renovator safety, such as:

  • Cracks in Walls
  • Mildew
  • Mold
  • Water Damage
  • Rotted Wood
  • Damaged Pipes

Designate the Workspace and Keep it Clean

Once your plan is established, it’s time to designate where the work will be done and what that means for your living space. Separating workspaces from living spaces is a crucial step to renovation safety and helping the project move along as quickly as possible. While the ideal scenario would be to have residents living in a different location throughout the renovation, that isn’t always possible.

If you or your family will be staying in your home throughout the renovation process, ensure that everyone knows the boundaries of the work zone. If any children will be in the house, ensure that they remain out of the renovation area at all times and all tools are properly stored. Renovation sites can often have various dangerous tools and hazardous materials that should always be handled with care and the right gear.

Use Renovation Safety Gear

Like any construction project, the proper safety gear should always be used when completing a renovation project. The renovation safety gear needed can vary from project to project, but some of the essential items include:

  • Gloves
  • Pants that Cover the Legs
  • Eye Protection
  • Masks
  • Close-Toed Shoes

Beyond the safety gear, it is important to safely and responsibly handle any tools used during the renovation. Be sure to keep all tools in their designated space and unplug any power tools when they are no longer being used.

Know When to Call the Pros

Sometimes we’ll see a renovation project on tv or social media and think, “looks easy enough, I could do that.” But once the project gets started, we realize the skills required may be beyond our experience, we don’t have the right tools, or we have made a mistake. As fulfilling as it might be to DIY a home renovation project, sometimes it’s better to let a professional come in and demonstrate their expertise. While it may be a little more expensive, after choosing a reliable contractor, you will be able to rest easy knowing a professional will masterfully complete the renovation project.

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