Choosing The Best Security Screen Door

Choosing The Best Security Screen Door

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Sometimes, you can feel like you want to keep your door open, just to get some fresh air moving through your house. A lot of us solve this problem with a screen door so we can leave the main door open. But some homeowners may worry that these doors won’t do much good to keep burglars or animals out. And they’re not entirely wrong.

Here’s the thing: some security screen doors offer more protection than others. While it’s true that given the right time, a perp can get through almost any type of door, some security screen doors can make it harder for someone on the outside to try and break through.

Here are some items to consider when shopping for security screen doors.


Type of Security Screen Door

Not all security screen doors are the same, obviously. The first thing you need to consider when shopping for this type of door is your budget: how much security does your budget allow?  The higher the quality materials that are used, the more costly it can be. While steel doors offer the best protection, aluminum doors can still give you a sense of security.

What to Consider

Once you decide on the type of security screen door you need, you need to consider a few other important factors too:

  • The Frame

The frame can be made from other materials than the screen, usually aluminum or steel. As you’ve probably guessed already, steel is stronger than aluminum and offers more security to the frame. On the other hand, aluminum is less prone to corrode. Other than the metal used, the frame should have a deep receiver channel and be reinforced at the corners.

  • The Screen/Grilles

Steel bars offer the best security but can obstruct your view and ruin the aesthetic of your entryway. Aluminum screens are more for keeping insects out rather than security while stainless steel mesh provides security without spoiling the view.

  • Locks and Hinges

You should also analyze the door’s locks and hinges. The locks should ideally be a five-pin cylinder or the equivalent. The door should have at least three hinges with fixed pins that cannot be removed to offer extra protection.

  • Custom Made

Consider purchasing your security screen door from a manufacturer or supplier who can also modify it based on your needs. If the door dimensions are off even by just a few millimeters, then the installation process can’t take place.

  • Research

Use the internet to see if the screen door you want to buy or the company that makes it has any reviews. Other people who’ve made the same choice may have given a description of it, and you can use them to see if you should keep looking or not.


Back to You

These are the basic things you should consider when shopping for a security screen door. Keep these characteristics in mind and you’ll definitely make the right choice for your home and your family.