Choosing The Best Security Screen Door

Choosing The Best Security Screen Door

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Opening your door can provide many benefits. You can get a great cross breeze on a warm summer’s day, it can even cut the costs of your AC bill, and it gives you access to see outside. The problem is that now you open your home to pests, intruders, and any other unwanted forces. A quick solution is to install a screen door from a big box chain store. Here are some things to consider if you are looking at getting a screen for your door.


Type of Security Screen Door

Not all security screen doors are the same, obviously. The first thing you need to consider when shopping for this type of door is your budget: how much security does your budget allow?  The higher the quality of materials that are used, the more costly it can be.

What to Consider

Once you decide on the type of security screen door you need, you need to consider a few other important factors too:

  • The Frame

The frame can be made from other materials than the screen, usually aluminum or steel. Both have their strengths, however, aluminum that is powder coated, like what Crimsafe uses, is less prone to corrode or rust. Other than the metal used, the frame should have a deep receiver channel and be reinforced at the corners. Crimsafe’s frame is engineered structural grade where others aren’t.

  • The Screen/Mesh

Steel bars can offer security but obstructs your view and ruin the aesthetic of your home. Nylon screens are more for keeping insects out and do little for security while stainless steel mesh provides security with the same view a nylon screen would.

  • Locks and Hinges

You should also analyze the door’s locks and hinges. The locks should ideally be a five-pin cylinder or the equivalent. The door should have at least three hinges with fixed pins that cannot be removed to offer extra protection. Deadbolts are commonly thought to be the safest but a parrot’s beak, like the ones Crimsafe is fitted with, locks into the frame rather than sitting inside.

  • Custom Made vs Stock

Consider purchasing your security screen door from a manufacturer who creates a screen based on your specific needs. The right fit can often be the difference between a well-fitting secure door to one that can be removed easily. Every Crimsafe screen is custom-made to your opening and is expertly installed by an authorized dealer.

  • Install

Many box chains will sell you a stock door as is and will let you install the screen on your own. Some will offer you an additional fee to have someone come out and do it for you. The thing to consider is that the security of the door starts with installation. If not properly installed, the screen provides little to no security. If you have a problem later on, that big chain will not go out of its way to make it right. Crimsafe Dealers are expertly trained to guarantee that the door is installed correctly.

  • Warranty

Look at the manufacturer’s warranty. A limited, or lacking warranty policy can key you into how secure their product is. Crimsafe offers all of its screens a 10-year warranty as standard. We back our products so you don’t have to worry.


Back to You

These are the basic things you should consider when shopping for a security screen door. Keep these characteristics in mind and you’ll definitely make the right choice for your home and your family.


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