Hurricane Preparation with Less Stress

When hurricanes approach, it is a common sight to see people struggling to board up their homes and businesses before the storm hits.  On multi-story buildings the installation can become almost impossible, carrying large sheets of plywood up ladders and trying to hold them in place while attempting to install them with screws and a drill.  Even after the storm the struggle continues, as the boards are taken down and stored away for the next impending storm.

Crimsafe will eliminate the need for last minute installs and give you peace of mind. Crimsafe Storm and Security Screens are manufactured using a high tensile, 304 grade stainless steel mesh and structural aluminum frame system that can withstand winds in excess of 200 miles per hour and is approved for use in high velocity hurricane zones.  It can be permanently installed over windows and doors, and even on patios, pool enclosures and lanais.

The secret is in the patented screw clamp design, which secures the 304 grade stainless steel mesh to a heavy duty, attractive aluminum frame, protecting your home and family from the effects of high winds and flying debris.

Another advantage of Crimsafe Storm and Security screens over plywood or conventional hurricane shutters is that Crimsafe gives you 24/7 protection from hurricanes and unwanted intruders while allowing natural light into your home or business  without obstructing your view.

Of course, installing Crimsafe screens aren’t the only hurricane preparation people need to take.  Because transportation may be cut off and stores may be closed, it is important to have enough non-perishable food, water and other supplies to last several days.  In many cases power is lost and, so, flashlights and a battery powered radio are a necessity.  (Don’t forget to have extra batteries.)   A fully charged cell phone and a charged backup battery will allow communication.  The websites of FEMA and the National Hurricane Center are both excellent sources of information about hurricane preparation.

Hurricane season can be a stressful time, but being prepared in advance can reduce the stress.  To learn more about how Crimsafe Storm and Security Screens can protect your home or business against hurricane damage, visit the Crimsafe website at, or call 866-740-3888.

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