Preparing For Wildfires and What Your Need to Know

Preparing For Wildfires and What Your Need to Know

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What You Need to Know

Summer and fall are the two times of the year when there is the most potential for a wildfire. During these seasons and in times of drought, the chance of wildfires dramatically increases due to fallen branches and or leaves drying out and becoming highly flammable. Many places around the world are susceptible to wildfires, which is why it is crucial to ensure that your home is prepared and protected in case one happens in your area. While there isn’t just one solution alone that will guarantee the safety of your home, there are several measures you can take to make sure your home is ready when the time comes.

1. The Materials Matter

If you are building or moving into a new home, do your best to make sure the materials used on the house are fire-resistant. While using these materials won’t completely stop a wildfire affecting your home, they will slow down the spread of the flames and the spread of damage. Using these fire-resistant materials to build a home is one of the best ways to protect it and loved ones right from the start. This also applies to any future renovations you may have planned. Whether you want to add an outdoor entertainment space or need to repair your roof, be sure to use fire-resistant materials to give your home as much protection from wildfires as possible.

2. Know Your Zones

When it comes to wildfire protection for your home, it is essential to know about the three zones used to create defensible space.

Zone 1 (0 – 5ft Around Home)

This is the area immediately around your home. In this area, it is best to use fire-resistant materials for walkways in order to help prevent the spread of fire and reduce the risk of wind-blown embers igniting materials around your home. In this zone, ensure that any vegetation is low growing and choose plants that will be fire-resistant. Try to avoid storing any combustible materials in this area or around porches or decking.

Zone 2 (5 – 30ft Around Home)

This area covers most of the landscape surrounding your home. If your home has yard space that contains vegetation, be sure that it is all properly maintained. Keeping your plants healthy makes them harder to burn. Remove any dead vegetation from this area so that it cannot be used to fuel the fire and grow closer to your home. Try and ensure that there is at least 10ft of space between trees and trim down any branches so that they don’t hang over your home.

Zone 3 (30 – 100ft Around Home)

This space is key to slowing the spread of the wildfire. If you live in an area prone to wildfires, it is essential to use this space to create a defense around your home and reduce the energy of the wildfire. Be sure to create between-tree space and remove any dead trees, shrubs, or other debris. Also, take some time to thin out tree branches to remove additional ladder fuels for the wildfire.

3. Preparing Your Home for a Wildfire

Once you’ve prepared the area around your home for wildfires, there are additional steps you can take to protect your house. Stopping embers from entering your home during a wildfire should be a top priority. Windows and openings are the most commonplace for embers to enter your home. Avoid windows from breaking by adding security screens. Crimsafe Security Screens are designed to keep unwanted things out of your home. In addition to protecting your windows from breaking, security screens also reinforce your windows by blocking 59% of radiant heat and reducing the number of airborne embers from reaching your window.

In Case of an Emergency

Emergencies happen, be prepared in advance. Have an emergency bag equipped with food, water, first aid supplies, medications, flashlight, power source, fire blanket, and other emergency items. It is also important to have multiple escape routes because your door may not be the best option. Crimsafe’s Safe-S-Cape windows are equipped with a single-touch, emergency open feature giving you and your family a fast exit.

Start working towards protecting your home and loved ones from wildfires, and contact one of our dealers today.