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Rolling Shutters vs Crimsafe Screens

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Hurricane Safety

There are many things you can do to protect your home from hurricanes, or if anything, minimize damage. The first thing that you should always do to protect your home during hurricane season is to cover your windows. The best form of hurricane protection is permanently installed units. This will save you valuable time when a big storm comes along quickly.

Along with the fear of having broken glass in your home from a shattered window, the main reason why you want to protect your windows is to prevent pressure from building up from an open window. When a hurricane-force wind enters the home, it also needs a way to exit. Broken windows destabilize the pressure in the home and can cause walls or roofs to collapse. The best way to prevent broken windows in a storm is to install Crimsafe Hurricane Screens.

Rolling Shutters

Roll-down shutters are permanent impact-resistant shutters, that open and close by “rolling” them up and down or side to side. There are both manual and automatic options, although both have their downsides.

A downside to both the manual and automatic versions is that when they are rolled up, they leave bulky structures on your home that may look distracting and unattractive. Rolling shutters have a mechanical element to them that usually needs annual servicing to perform at its best. This will include extra fees and extra hassle. Not to mention since it needs to be activated, if you are away, you have to contact someone else to activate your screens for you. This could cause more fees if a neighbor is unable to assist.

Another key drawback to the Rolling Shutters is the lack of additional benefits. It has one job, and although it does it well, it can be hard to accommodate other needs like security protection, sunshade, pest control, and others. As many know, the aftermath of a storm could leave you without power and you cannot roll up your shutter.

Crimsafe Screens

As extreme weather events become more frequent during hurricane season, preparing your home to withstand extreme conditions is crucial. There is no way of ever knowing how fast the winds will be when it comes to hurricanes, which is why Crimsafe Hurricane Screens can protect your windows from wind-borne debris traveling up to 153mph.

Not only do Crimsafe Hurricane Screens protect your home from a category 4 hurricane, but it also adds value to your home. By using a Crimsafe Hurricane Screen, you get the luxury of a permanent hurricane protector, with the added value of easy cleaning, no maintenance, and unhindered views because Crimsafe does not use bars or grilles. Because Crimsafe is a permanent fixture, you will never have to worry about calling a neighbor or hiring someone to prep your home.

Crimsafe isn’t just a storm product but it also is burglar proof, UV and solar heat gain resistant, pest proof, golf ball immune, and increases your home’s airflow.

Crimsafe Hurricane Screens use a mesh that is 26.5% thicker than other hurricane protective screens and each screen is made to measure to match the style and shape of your home. Crimsafe screens look just like an average nylon screen but are so much more. Match your home’s style with 3 color choices or pick your own custom color.

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