Crimsafe's history

The History of Crimsafe

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About Crimsafe

Crimsafe is an Australian-based company that began production in 1996, providing security solutions to homes and businesses in Australia and overseas. Crimsafe is an industry leader in manufacturing stainless steel security screens as we consistently outperform the competition in strength and performance tests for over 20 years of operation.

Crimsafe stands out from the competition as our products are custom-built and made to measure, ensuring that all the needs of your project are met. From homes, rental homes, apartments, office buildings, restaurants, banks, and prisons, Crimsafe products are built to stand up to every challenge.

History of Crimsafe

Established in 1996, Crimsafe was created to supply the need for two problems facing Australians; increasing home burglaries and reoccurring damage caused by severe weather. At the current time, the only method for security was intrusive and unsightly bars and grilles. The concept of an all in one strong yet appealing product that can serve multiple purposes to protect against security threats, severe weather, and insects.

When executing this idea, Crimsafe consulted advice from the ASSDA (Australian Stainless Steel Development Association) and decided that a high tensile woven stainless-steel mesh was ideal. The next major hurdle was to develop a frame that could support the mesh and aid to its strength. The result is a unique and patented Screw-Clamp® frame that grips the frame, provides counter grip, and protects from metal on metal corrosion.

Crimsafe later grew a partnership with the ASSDA whom is a non-profit industry group that has been developing the stainless-steel industry in Australia since 1992. Crimsafe is ASSDA accredited in the fabrication services of the Architectural, Light Commercial industry categories.

Crimsafe screens were designed to enhance the look of your home or business with increased security rather than overtake it. Our security screens also provide good airflow and visibility. Additionally, Crimsafe has been proven to improve energy efficiency as up to 40% of household heat gain and loss occurs through glass windows and doors. The design of our screens helps with cooling and heat retention energy efficiency of a building, verified by the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS).

Crimsafe has been able to respond to the need for tremendously strong and versatile security screens, making them an industry market leader in stainless steel security screens. In 2015, the company was purchased by Oceania Capital Partners.

The Crimsafe Difference

Crimsafe products have been tested against various factors. Our woven stainless-steel mesh and screw-clamp system have proven to be tremendously stronger and harder to break into than our competitors.

In case of an emergency, our window security screens give you a quick exit while continuing to keep intruders out. We accomplished this by developing a unique keyless exist system, the Safe-S-Cape®. Our Safe-S-Cape® system is easy to use from the inside while still providing complete security and protection from the outside.

Crimsafe products are designed to be corrosion resistant. Our screens have endured 3,000 hours of prohesion salt spray testing, simulating 30 years of environmental exposure. This testing proved Crimsafe to have no corrosion, loss of adhesion, or blistering. See all of our testing here.

We are confident Crimsafe products will meet and exceed your expectations. Therefore, we provide a minimum 10-year warranty to ensure peace of mind.

Another industry differentiator is our Crimsafe Fire Tuff® Screens are brushfire compliant to the highest risk rating and tested for fire attenuation. Our screens aid in weakening the risks from brushfires and will reduce the intensity of radiant heat flux and naked flame by up to 59%.

Contact Crimsafe

If you’re ready to take the first step with protecting your home or business and want more information about which Crimsafe product is right for your home, reach out to our team and we’ll get you into contact with your nearest Crimsafe dealer to set up a consultation.