Choosing The Best Security Screen Door

Security Screen Doors for French Doors

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French doors are a marker of luxury in a home; they lend themselves to a light, airy aesthetic. As lovely as they can be, French doors’ full potential can be quelled by homeowners’ security fears. Imagine a warm summer evening, comfortable enough to turn the air conditioning off and let fresh air circulate. French doors can be the perfect apparatus for airflow, but opening them can invite unwanted visitors like insects, or worse. Security screen doors for French doors eliminate any of these concerns without eliminating the positive aspects of French doors.


A safer alternative

Security screen doors for French doors from Crimsafe for instance are made of stainless steel with a patented technology that makes them incredibly strong and secure. Installing these screens over French doors is an especially good idea, as it allows full use of the doors’ intended capabilities, specifically their double opening feature that is so sought after. Being that they are almost entirely made of glass, French doors can serve as a potential weak spot in the home for intruders to target as a point of entry.

With security screens, French doors are safer in general, and they are also able to be opened at the homeowners’ discretion, allowing the doors to perform their intended, welcoming function. This means that beautiful weather can be fully enjoyed without the worry of insects infiltrating the home, and without the thought of unwanted intruders at all. The security screens will still allow the flow of air and light freely into the home (though they do help filter UV light), and they won’t obstruct the view from the doors.

These security screens aren’t just useful during beautiful weather, they can also help protect homes in more turbulent times. Storms with high winds can pose threats to homes in a number of different ways, one of the most serious being flying debris. Being as strong as they are, security screens can protect French doors from debris blown into them during storms that could normally damage or ruin them.


Functional and Beautiful

Homeowners who make the aesthetic choice of French doors obviously care about how their homes look. Security screen doors will not interfere with the image of the French doors as they are fitted specifically on a case-by-case basis so they are not unnecessarily bulky, and the screens come with a number of trim color options. Plus, since the screens are made of a fine mesh, it bears repeating that they do not obstruct views or eliminate any light from entering (unlike other security methods like bars).

French doors are a beautiful addition to any home, but if not properly secured the risk can come close to outweighing the rewards. Security screen doors for French doors eliminate any of the associated concerns while preserving all of their beauty.