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Crimsafe for architects and builders

Crimsafe meets every design

Clean lines, unobstructed views and bespoke fabrication means building with Crimsafe gives you limitless flexibility to marry style and functionality

Endless design possibilities

In the hands of a design professional, Crimsafe is more than a security screen.

It’s unmatched in terms of function with applications wide ranging as protection of openable windows, anti-throw screening, anti-electrification screening, fire attenuation, brushfire protection and hurricane debris protection. And all while delivering uncompromising security.

It has the flexibility to be shaped in multiple planes without losing strength, while its clean lines and obstruction-free form mean the only design limitation is your creativity. You get maximum security, without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your space.

This combination of form, function and features means Crimsafe is widely specified for commercial and residential projects as a solution to meet specific design challenges.

Commercial applications

  • Hospitals
  • Overpasses and walkways
  • Railway stations
  • Fire attenuation
  • Aged care facilties
  • Schools
  • Sports ground enclosures
  • Retail outlets
  • Banks
  • Residential and mixed use properties
  • Prisons
  • Fall prevention
  • Solar shading screens
  • Anti-electrification screens
  • Anti-throw screens
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Brushfire protection
  • Hurricane debris protection