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DXN Security is a value-based privately held business serving Arizona as an authorized dealer for Crimsafe products. We measure and install custom-fit stainless steel security screens and doors onto existing windows and doors, sliding doors, french doors, patio enclosures, commercial applications, and more.

DXN offers unmatched protection from ALL unwanted intruders. From home invasions to flying insects (including flies and mosquitoes). Enhance your home with improved aesthetics and 52% heat reduction, and secure your loved ones from any number of threats. Leave your home doors open with the peace of mind that nothing will be coming through your screen door, or into your home when you are there or away. Our Safe-S-Scape hinged window screens allow for quick egress with ADA-approved internal release mechanisms, so easy, that a child can operate them. Have a firearm and a dog? We believe in layering security. You or the dog may not always be ready. Statistics show most burglaries occur during the day, from 10-3, when most people are away. A home is burglarized every 26 seconds. Live safe with Crimsafe.

We also offer a number of other services, including security film, anti-graffiti film, Siege Glass, and ballistic-rated products. DXN is affiliated with multiple agencies, as well as the School Guardian Project.