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You Don’t Need Screen Door Alternatives. You Just Need a Better Screen Door

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure at home, which leads consumers on a search for the best home protection. While screen doors are known to provide good protection, many traditional screen doors are unattractive, easy to penetrate or just plain won’t work.

Many consumers are looking for alternatives to a physical barrier, such as an alarm system, or app-based “smart” devices that enhance security. But the reality is, nothing is as secure as a solid barrier. Crimsafe, the leading manufacturer of attractive, high-security screen doors realizes that consumers have legitimate reasons to dislike most screen doors.


The Problem With Most Screen Doors

If screen doors were the most secure option, everyone would have them, right? Well, consider the following true statements about most screen doors:

● They are mass produced with very few design choices.
● They are prone to tears or cuts in the mesh.
● They obscure views.
● They don’t fit anything beyond typical hinged doors.

Obviously, traditional screen doors are a huge trade-off. It’s not surprising most consumers opt to screen door alternatives, as it would not match their home design, obscures their vision, and probably wouldn’t even fit their door anyway!


The Crimsafe Difference

Crimsafe realizes these problems are keeping consumers from having the best possible security. This just won’t do.

In response, Crimsafe manufactures screen security doors for every conceivable type of door. Whether you need screen doors for bi-fold doors or screen doors for French doors, you’ll find it with Crimsafe.

Of course, design is one of the most important considerations. For this reason, Crimsafe has designs for every type of door that beautifully match any style home. Whether you’re looking for something modern, rustic, colonial, or even art deco, Crimsafe has it.

Lastly, no one wants to feel like they’re in a prison. Crimsafe screen doors are so strong that they provide the best security on the market without interrupting the view.


What Crimsafe Does That Alarms and Apps Don’t

It’s not that alarms and apps can’t help secure your home. But in light of traditional screen door deficiencies, many consumers are searching for screen door alternatives and opting for these digital security solutions. Here’s what a Crimsafe door can do that a digital solution can’t do:

● Provide super-strong physical security to help keep out intruders
● Keep out insects and other pests
● Improve airflow and through-breezes, keeping homes cool in the summer, and reduce air conditioning costs
● Protect from severe weather dangers like hailstones and wind-blown debris
● Blend seamlessly into a home design without bulky boxes or electronics

Of course, a Crimsafe screen door can be complemented with these devices, but they don’t provide these benefits on their own. Remember, alarms simply alert you when your home has been broken into. Crimsafe helps prevent the break in in the first place!


Discover the Beauty of Crimsafe for Yourself

For the full scope of Crimsafe screen door versatility, check out the Crimsafe gallery, where you’ll find countless applications and styles behind Crimsafe’s screen doors. You don’t need screen door alternatives, with Crimsafe, there’s no sacrificing security for versatile beauty!