Security Screens In Schools

The Next Big Thing in Window Security Screens

Once we conquered the security screen industry, we saw an impasse for Crimsafe. We created Crimsafe window security screens on the backbone of innovation and technology, constantly trying to outdo ourselves and create something new and exciting.

Then it occurred to us. There is an entire sector of the market that we hadn’t really tackled yet.

Outdoor spaces.

So, our engineers went to work developing the blueprints for our next chapter in home and office security. With the innovations that our Ultimate Patio system created, we were able to expand our abilities to secure large openings. These had been left to the will of the elements and criminals for years before, but no longer.


Protecting the Forgotten

Every family has enjoyed a weekend on their patio or deck, grilling burgers and drinking the night away telling stories and having fun. Quite a few enjoy their afternoons lounging in a four seasons room or other indoor/outdoor space. But many neglect to secure these areas at bedtime or when they’re gone.

We thought that was a shame.

Leaving these large window spaces and open air structures unsecured and exposed them up to various dangers. This includes theft, wind damage, UV degradation, and the insect world. Now, we have a solution.


The Innovation of Window Security Screens

Before the Crimsafe Ultimate Patio system came to life, we were limited in the span of an opening. We could’ve done it, but we would have sacrificed the strength and durability that we built our brand on.

Now that we have created an even stronger stainless-steel mesh, Tensile-Tuff, and upgraded our unique clamping system, Screw-Clamp™, with double the amount of tamper-resistant securing screws, we are able to bridge that gap in our security window screens.

Our newest window security screens can span wider and higher than ever before. Also, they still guaranteeing the best defense in the industry against the forces that be.


The (Almost) Invisible Force-field

We know security and protection is important to our clients and their customers, but it should also look good. Especially if people are going to install them in their homes or businesses.

Not only do our window security screens provide the ultimate levels of protection against humans and the elements, they also look great too!

We decided to take the bars and iron grates that protected thousands of structures and combine it with the feeling of open spaces when we designed our outdoor line. What we wound up with were security window screens that are almost invisible with the ability to defend our consumers’ homes and offices.

Installing our Crimsafe security screens will not hinder the view from space one bit, but will keep everything that belongs on the outside from coming in.

Check out our page on Patio Enclosures here, and when you’re ready to give your customers the Ultimate in protection and aesthetics, contact us here!