The Most Innovative Things Happening with Crimsafe Security Screens

Not long ago, window screens and screen doors were an accessory item that people thought about when spring time rolled around. Generic, weak mesh filled hollow, pot metal frames that fit a limited number of predetermined openings. These screens were good at one thing, taking up space in the shed when winter time rolled around. They provided no protection from intruders, weather, bugs or time and only served to cost home and business owners money on a routine basis. Then, we changed the market. Crimsafe security screens threw out the concept of the past and innovated screens and doors that could defend against burglars, keep insects out, and reduce HVAC costs for any structure.

Since then, we’ve only gotten better. And while the industry has expanded, we believe we’re still a step above the rest.


Crimsafe Security Screens Are Pushing the Standards

From the start, we made a commitment to constantly test our products and push the limits of the industry standards. We continue to do that today by meeting, and often exceeding the bar in:

  • Impact Resistance: The University of Queensland conducted extensive research, testing a wide range of products against impacts, basically simulating the force a potential intruder could produce. Our screens exceeded their standards by seven times.


  • Strength: That same research and other independent studies have determined one thing repeatedly. Crimsafe security screens are the strongest on the market.


  • Wind: We made sure to put our security screens and doors to the test for our customers living in hurricane zones and tornado alley. Our Tensile-Tuff mesh provides unrivaled protection against flying debris and hailstones as well as being able to withstand hurricane force winds of 150 mph.


Paying for Themselves

Most window screens and screen doors cost consumers money, and never provide anything in return. We not only wanted to create products that served a legitimate purpose, but ones that also could pay for themselves. Installing our security screens can save your customers money by:

  • Blocking 53% of solar heat gain through glass windows and doors.


  • Stopping 62% of UV rays, the main culprit in raising ambient heat and damaging furnishings.


  • Blocking 59% of radiant heat from outside sources.


  • Stopping the escape of heat during the colder months through glass windows and doors.


Given enough time, Crimsafe security screens and doors can pay for themselves with the savings from heating and cooling costs.

Not only can you give your customers the Ultimate in home and office security screens, you can save them money and increase their peace of mind simultaneously, making you a true consumer advocate.