The Evolution of Security Screen Doors

Have a dog, leave the porch lights on, and lock your doors. Those are the three fundamentals the FBI suggests for preventing an occupied break in. It seems too simple, but the fact is, it has worked for years.

Luckily, improvements have been made in the door security section of the market, further securing your family and your valuables against societies less desirable. Long gone are the days of grandma’s rickety wooden screen door that only stayed closed if you put that dinky hook through the eyelet that was rusting and about to break off.

Mesh Screens

Those old wooden clatter doors eventually turned into the metal frame ones that remain a frugal option today. These budget friendly doors typically come inserted with weak mesh screen that can be cut with the dullest of butter knives or two-piece glass panes, “secured” by small, pot metal tabs.

Many people find full sized mesh screens in the sliders that cover deck doors and other auxiliary outside doors. As most parents with rowdy boys know, these screens provide as much resistance to force as a wet paper towel.

Through the Glass

As Colonial style homes became more and more popular around the US, so did the full-length glass door that allowed sunlight and an open feeling with the front door open. What most people never thought about was that these doors provided almost no protection against home invasion.

A simple crossed section of duct tape makes these doors easily broken without a hint of noise, exposing your front door and your family to a potential intruder. They also posed a major hazard to small children who ran into these giant glass panes not realizing they were a door.

Security Sets the New Standard

After years of accepting the status quo of screen doors not being a measure of defense, a few innovators changed the industry. Companies like Crimsafe set out to create stylish and aesthetically pleasing security screen doors that didn’t sacrifice the safety of a home and its family.

Replacing the mesh of yesteryear with extremely durable stainless-steel mesh that measures .9mm thick created a layer of protection that was not easily cut, torn, ripped or forced open.

They also redesigned the fastening system, introducing a Screw-clamp system that made the edges of the screen, a typical weak point, exceptionally strong. In one fell swoop, they turned an easy point of entry for burglars into a defensible position that families could rely on to keep their home safe.

Not only protecting against intruders, these new stainless-steel screens keep insects out, block UV rays in the summer time and work to keep that costly heat in during the winter. They are custom made to fit any opening, as opposed to the one size fits most screens of the past and are easily installed.

In an ever-changing world full of ever-changing threats, homeowners are looking outside the box for new ways to keep their homes safe. Intricate, expensive security systems and high-tech locks can go a long way towards that, but simply looking out your front door could be the answer to shoring up your homes defense.

Crime safe doors and other security door products could be an easy way to protect your family from the threats of the outside world. Interested in Crimsafe security screen doors and products? Contact us today to get started in the right direction!