Starting Your Own Business In Window Screens? Read This First


Homeowners who are in search of screens for their doors and windows do so for a few reasons. These reasons include increasing energy efficiency, keeping pets in and bugs out while allowing for ventilation, and added home security. To serve these homeowners in providing such an effective solution for their home is a rewarding and exciting experience. Especially if you are the go-to place for all kinds of protective screens. Yet, starting your own business for window screens is no easy task. You need to look at the financial aspect of running the business as well as the other demands that need to be fulfilled in order to run a sustainable business.


Is This Type Of Business Right For You?

If you are someone who enjoys setting their own schedule, providing a valuable service, and is able to perform the job of screen installation quickly, a window screen business may be up your alley.


A Day In The Life Of A Window Screen Business Owner

There are several tasks that a window screen business owner has to do in order to keep the business stable. Their major task is scheduling appointments and meeting with customers. They know that their customers and their overall happiness of the product determines the success of the business. Meanwhile, a customer’s demands can still exist and can create more ideas for products and solutions for business owners that consistently fulfill those demands.

The customers are not the only people a window screen business owner talks to on a regular basis. They are also in constant contact with vendors negotiating contract terms to ensure that they are supplied with the products they need to sell and be able to earn a royalty for every product they sell.

Owning this type of business also means partnering with reputable suppliers and brands such as Crimsafe. Crimsafe is a specific type of screen that is used to provide a maximum layer of protection from those who may intend to break into the home. Other reputable suppliers that they can work with includes familiar names such as Pella or Andersen.

Your responsibilities as a business owner can also include taking measurements of your customer’s windows and doors to make sure your screens are a perfect fit. If need be, those screens can be custom built (depending on the supplier). Finally, purchasing the supplies and pricing them along with your services are also key in running a window screen business.



Running a stable window screen business does take time and money to build from the ground up. But if you have a passion for helping people and improving their home needs, a starting your own business in window screens may be right for you. Once it takes off, you can hire people to carry out some of the responsibilities such as customer service or measuring and installing.

If you are in search of a reputable supplier, Crimsafe is one of the best brands for screens, doors, and windows for your customers who want the best in security. If you believe a window screen business is right for you, start planning now and live the life of a successful business owner.