Security Screens In Schools

How Installing Security Screens In Schools Provides An Extra Layer Of Protection


The security of our schools has never been more important than it is today. There were more school shootings in 2018 than any other year, and protecting our children from those who would do them harm is critical. What’s the best way to protect children in K-12 schools? One useful tool which is gaining popularity among educators and staff at schools is security screens. Security screens in schools, which are built of heavy-duty steel mesh, look just like a normal window screen but are highly resistant to tearing, slashing, and more – making them a useful security tool.


Security Screens Halt or Delay Shooters

Even with proper security precautions, shooters may enter through unprotected glass doors. In Sandy Hook Elementary school, this was how the shooter gained access to the building. Security screens make this nearly impossible. Most shooters do not carry tools like hammers or knives. Most of the time they will shoot a glass window to shatter it and climb through.

While security screens do not resist gunfire, they make it nearly impossible for a shooter to climb through it. Even with damaged glass, the screen will remain in place. Security screens come highly resistant to tearing, cutting, and ripping. This makes it very difficult to create a large opening and get through the window.

The extra time provided by security screens can give first responders adequate time to react to a situation and assist educators and teachers in evacuating the area safely.


Security Screens Help Protect Schools From Breaking & Entering, Vandalism

Security screens don’t just delay shooters. These screens also help but also from vandalism, theft, and other everyday security precautions. They also provide a shaded barrier that makes it harder for those outside the school to see what’s happening inside the building, protecting the privacy of students and staff.


Security Screens Look Non-Obtrusive, Just Like Normal Window Screens

Security screens comes built to look like standard window screens. Unlike window security bars, they do not make the room feel prison-like. They also do not prevent exit during an emergency. While they are very difficult to break from the outside, options like Safe-S-Cape can be easily released from the inside of the room.


Invest In Security Screens For More K-12 Protection

K-12 schools looking for more options for protecting students should explore security screens as a top alternative to window security bars, glass film, and other alternatives.

Not only do security screens protect students in the rare event of an active shooter situation or other violence occurring at the school, but they also help protect their privacy, stop vandalism, and more. So think about your school’s needs today, and consider whether or not security screens may be a good option at your facility.