Security Screens: The Better Alternative to Storm Shutters

Shutters have grown increasingly popular over the years for providing protection for doors and windows against powerful weather. However, many homeowners do not know the downsides of these products. Security screens present not just an alternative but a better solution to window and door protection. Security screens provide a variety of benefits compared to storm shutters that make them a worthwhile investment.

Downsides of Shutters

Shutters do have multiple benefits, one of which is providing protection against weather that can be damaging and dangerous. Shutters can also be painted and customized to a homeowner`s preference. However, storm shutters present more problems than solutions at times. Shutters can be bulky, hard to store, and difficult to handle. Shutters may present some protection against weather debris. However, they do not present enough protection against possible break-ins.

The look of shutters can also seem out of place and distracting to the home’s exterior, causing the market value of a home to decrease. The installation of shutters can also pose an issue, with some designs and models not properly fitting to a home, allowing for debris and other intruders to easily get in. Shutters can also be a pricy penny considering the wide array of things that they don’t protect against. In contrast, security screens offer the best possible protection against intruders,. With their sleek clean design, and Crimsafe screens come specifically fitted for any home window or door.

Benefits of Security Screens

Security screens offer a variety of benefits that storm shutters don’t have. The durable integrity of the mesh material keeps multiple types of intruders out where they belong. The sleek screen design allows for airflow and breezes to keep any household cool, decreasing the costs of air conditioning bills. The design of the screens offers protection from possible intruders both human and insect. Therefore, saving money on possible damage or stolen goods. While also offering a barrier against hailstorms and debris that can cause damage to the home. Additionally, security screens allow for unobscured views and a clean sleek look unlike those of shutters. Many potential buyers look for a home with security measures, and security screens are an effective way to keep a clean and fresh look while also providing protection.

Types of Screens to Purchase

Crimsafe offers a variety of purchase options for durable and reliable security screens. These products can protect against hurricanes, bushfires, and other elements that can cause immense damage to homes. Security screens can be specifically fitted to any fixed windows, hinged windows, and offer the Safe-Scape Emergency exit system. The woven mesh material of Crimsafe screen products is 26.5% thicker than other products on the market, creating increased protection against debris and other environmental factors. The Screw-Clamp system allows for strong grip and present tamper-resistant clamps that are also resistant to heat. Our products also include Hurricane Debris Screens and are tested to make sure the strong mesh screen can withstand bushfire threats.

Types of Screens to Purchase

Crimsafe security screens offer a wide variety of benefits to any homeowner. Unlike shutters, they present a protected and sleek feel to any home, guaranteed protection against a variety of factors, natural light and ventilation, and potential to increase any homes market value. Contact us today to purchase your security screen.