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4 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Become A Security Door and Window Screen Dealer


4 Things To Ask Yourself Before You Become A Security Door and Window Screen Dealer

Wondering how to become a security door and window screen dealer? It’s quite simple! If you REALLY want to join one of the fastest growing segments in the home improvement industry, selling security doors and windows, your partner supplier can help you every step of the way!.

The first thing to do is to get security door and window training to understand the products many benefits and learn how to install a security screen door and window security screens and other such products.  This will ensure you have the skills and talent to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Here are 4 questions you should ask yourself before you start selling security door and window screens.

  1. Can I Install The Doors Myself?

If you already run a door or window sales company, the answer to this is “yes”. Modern security window screens and door screens are not very complex. They can be installed quite easily with the right tools and talent.

If you regularly install doors and windows on your own or have a team of employees who can do so, they can quickly learn to install security doors and window screens. You can consult the AISC website for more resources.

  1. Do I Have The Right Product Partnerships In Place?

When you tell yourself “I want to sell security doors and window screens”, of course, you want to distribute the best in the market – so you should do your own research, using tools like GuideStar.

Not sure which company sells the best products? We’ll save you the trouble – it’s Crimsafe! Crimsafe offers security doors and window screens that are more than 40% stronger than the competition. They also have a variety of additional benefits, like enhanced energy-efficiency and fire resistance.

With the right product partnerships, it will be much easier to sell your services.

  1. Do I Have The Right Equipment?

You will need a truck or van to carry your all of your materials. This includes security doors, window screens and tools to the homes or businesses of your clients. Precision-engineered products from Crimsafe are easy to install with typical door and window installation tools, such as power drills and other basic equipment that you may already have on-hand.

  1. Can I Differentiate My Business From Others?

You will need to be able to distinguish your business from other companies selling security window screens and doors in your area. Perhaps you could offer the highest quality products, or have a special “customer satisfaction guarantee” – or even provide faster installation than competitors.

Whatever your competitive “edge” may be, find it – and make sure that you advertise it accordingly, to stand out from the pack and gain a larger market share in your area.

Answer These 4 Questions – And Start Selling Today!

If you can answer all four of these questions, it may be time to become a security door and window screen distributor and installer! Ready to get started, or want to learn more? Contact us today to learn more, and start selling Crimsafe products now.