Seasonal Trends for Your Security Door

Security doors are functional in protecting your home from invasions by providing an additional barrier to entry. They are also useful for those beautiful days to allow the fresh air in while keeping pests and other elements out. However, they also have an aesthetic appeal that is customizable for your taste. The security door trend has skyrocketed in the past couple of years, and companies are evolving to incorporate more unique designs to fit the modern taste. Here are some ideas to incorporate your security door into your seasonal decor.

Door Design

Picking the initial design of your screen door is dependent on many factors including the product, dimensions, and climate. Based on your desires for functionality, you can design your screen doors custom to fit your home. If you want to go a more modern route, try a sleek and simple design. For a grand and classic look, you can look into adding decorative rods and embellishments. Crimsafe security screen doors are custom made-to-measure, ensuring a perfect fit even if your door opening is not completely square.

Bright Colors

Painting your front door a vibrant, bold color is all the rage going into 2020. It can offer a pop of color and brightness to your exterior and add some character. Even if you are unable to paint your home the exact bold color you want due to HOA or other regulations, your door can become the statement piece of your house. Some popular trends include bright red, navy blue, spring green, and the classic black. You can even mix up your design with complimentary trim pieces to add depth and texture.

A beautifully colored door will stand out even more behind a screen door, but you can also refresh some old screens by adding material-appropriate paint. Even a new coat of black or white can make your screens look brand new. Consider hiring a professional to clean or paint your security doors to ensure the job is done right.

Seasonal Decorations

Removable decorations are the perfect- and affordable- way to add a seasonal flair to your front door. Metal screens are usually the strongest for holding up inserts, while fiberglass may rip depending on the weight of your decorations- so be sure to check your model information first.


Whether you DIY your own or find some at your favorite store, wreaths are a beautiful way to incorporate seasonal elements into your security door. Try a classy flower wreath for spring, or a candy wreath for Halloween! There are thousands of ways to customize your door to your decoration taste with a wreath.


Add some funny or inspirational signs to your screen door that go with holiday themes! These are cute to give your visitor the idea of the type of host you are. There are so many options for decorative wooden figures and written signs that simply attach with ties or clips to any metal screen door.

Crimsafe security screen doors look great, keep your home secure and provide a whole range of other lifestyle benefits. Like any aspect of your home, customization and decoration are what make ordinary features pop. Adding color and style to your front door can help make your home stand out and be more unique to you and your family. When you think of doing home improvements for the new season, consider sprucing up your security doors too.