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Geebung Railway Overpass

Geebung Train Station fitted with Crimsafe security screens
Project type
Crimsafe Licencee
Franklyn Blinds Awnings Security
Geebung, Queensland
Crimsafe fall protection, anti-throw, anti-electrification screens

Geebung Overpass (GO) Alliance, in collaboration with Queensland Rail initiated and delivered the Robinson Road Open Level Crossing Replacement Project. The $199 million priority project was completed in August 2014 and specified Crimsafe security screens for the infill panels for the pedestrian overpass. Franklyn Blinds Awnings Security supplied GO Alliance with custom manufactured Crimsafe security screens.

One of the primary goals of the Geebung Railway Pedestrian Overpass project was to improve safety. The installation of Crimsafe screens addressed a number of safety aspects and set a new standard for future railway bridges and pedestrian overpasses.

The anti-electrification, anti-throw and anti-streaming qualities of Crimsafe protect the public from the hazard of electrocution from the wires which power the trains.

High visibility through Crimsafe in strongly lit environments provides the commuting public greater security ensuring they can be easily seen within the structure and can easily see any potential threats to their personal safety.

Design Challenges

The scope of the project required delivery of 300 screens of which 80% of the panels were raked, had cut-outs or involved out-of square frames. There was also the challenge of precise installation times as the security screens were being installed over the railway lines.

To facilitate the smooth installation of the non–standard screens and to accommodate the scheduled installations, Franklyn Blinds Awnings Security appointed a dedicated contract administrator who communicated daily with GO Alliance and worked from detailed shop drawings to ensure all sizes and angles were correct.

The project has been a resounding success and has resulted in Crimsafe increasingly being specified in similar projects, setting a solid benchmark for public safety.

Geebung Train Station exterior fitted with Crimsafe security screens
Well lit Geebung Bridgeway fitted with Crimsafe windows
Crimsafe Security Screens used on train station walkways
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