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Brushfire and Hurricane Protection

We experience a wide range of harsh weather conditions. Storms, hurricanes and brushfires are regular occurrences that can wreak havoc on homes and businesses.

Crimsafe has developed specialty products to provide brushfire and hurricane protection.

Brushfire protection

Crimsafe has tested its security screens to meet the highest levels in brushfire protection.

Hurricane debris protection

A wide range of Crimsafe products are approved for use in Hurricane regions C & D, including Crimsafe doors, windows and Crimsafe Safe-S-Capes®.

Our specially designed Crimsafe Hurricane Debris Screens feature a unique ‘build-out’ installation to provide even greater protection.

Crimsafe Hurricane Debris screens can protect your home or business against storm driven debris from wind gusts up to 150mph, while providing security from intruders, superior airflow and outlook.

Our research and development program is continually advancing the limits of Crimsafe Hurricane Debris Screen performance.


Technical features
Crimsafe’s patented technology system makes our stainless-steel security screens incredibly strong.

We’ve put our products to the test, again and again- not just against a potential intruder, but against the threat of extreme weather conditions.

Thicker, stronger mesh

Our specially developed Crimsafe Tensile-Tuff® mesh  uses 0.9mm 304 structural-grade stainless steel.

This means that our woven mesh is up to 26.5% thicker than most other mesh products on the market that use 0.8mm wire.

Crimsafe screens are harder to cut and penetrate, providing protection from the impact of hail and wind-borne debris. The small aperture size also helps prevent the spread of embers and sparks during fires.

Unique fastening system

We use Crimsafe’s exclusive Screw-ClampTM system to secure Tensile-Tuff ® mesh to the frames, giving our security screens their exceptional strength.

These tamper-resistant screws and metal clamps hold the mesh in a ‘vice-like’ grip in the frame, giving our screens their incredible strength. It is this patented system that allows them to withstand tremendous force by absorbing and dispersing impact, strongly resisting being pulled out of the frame.

In addition, the metal fastening system will not melt during a fire, compared to the plastic wedging systems used by many competitor products.

Crimsafe Ultimate’s protective cover

If you decide to install products from our Crimsafe Ultimate range – the new generation of Crimsafe – the snap-on cover and heavy-duty clamping system make these screens 40% stronger than our regular product. Crimsafe Ultimate is the next level in security screen strength and durability.

Frame color options
Crimsafe aluminium frames are powder-coated for a beautiful finish. A wide range of standard colors are available.

Custom colors may be available on request. The standard range of colors is shown below.